How to Wear the Burgundy Color

Burgundy has been a seasonal slow burner in the past but recently it has made its way into the hearts and closets of a lot of women. The color burgundy is very reminiscent of the color of red wine which is a deep, dark, warm and reddish and violet-y color. It’s a nice color for the cold seasons like fall and winter and it makes a great addition to the dark winter hues that you can use in your wardrobe. One of the best things about wearing burgundy is that it suits most skin colors so anyone and everyone can easily pull it off. Here are some of our favorite ways on how to wear the burgundy color:

  • Burgundy pants – jeans are classic and colored and printed leggings and tights are cute, too but if you want something chic that you can wear with your winter outfit, burgundy pants is definitely the way to go. Burgundy pants is a great way to break away from black and other dark colors without going too summer-y bright.

pants in burgundy pants

  • A monochromatic burgundy outfit – now, this is something that not a lot of women are brave enough to do because they’re afraid of ending up looking like a glass of red wine but actually, pulling off a monochromatic burgundy outfit isn’t that difficult. When doing a monochromatic outfit, no matter what color, just make sure to mix and match different fabrics to get interesting texture that will take away the bore from a monochromatic color scheme.

burgundy monochromatic


  • Burgundy lipstick – if you’re not too keen on wearing the color burgundy on clothes for whatever reason but would still love to incorporate the stunning hue in your looks, going for a burgundy lip would be absolutely lovely. The rich, warm color of burgundy would make for a really sophisticated and sexy lip color, especially for a night out with your friends or even for a dinner date.

lips lips in burgundy

  • Burgundy hair – so you’ve just discovered how good the color burgundy color is on you, eh? Well, good for you. if you’re looking for a way to have the color of burgundy on you every day, why not have a long term commitment to it and have your hair colored in burgundy? It’s a very flattering hair color for all skin colors so you shouldn’t have a problem about pulling it off and it’s also a nice, unique color that lets you stand out from the crowd in a very stylish way.

hair in burgundy hair

  • Burgundy accessories – got your wardrobe all set for the season? Well, it’s never too late to add burgundy to it, is it? If you have certain colors that you think really looks good on you and you want to keep wearing these colors, that’s okay. You can still incorporate the color burgundy in your looks by wearing burgundy accessories. A nice burgundy scarf for the fall and winter would be a nice addition to your outfit while a burgundy purse will surely look good with any neutral outfit any time of the year.

accessories in burgundy acceosries