How To Wear the Denim on Denim Trend

Since becoming a worker’s uniform all those years ago, denim have become a part of our lives and a fashion staple so timeless and versatile. It will come off as a shock if anyone living anywhere in the world claimed to have no denim clothes in his or her possession.

While denim can be paired by practically any other textile in any other color, no one would have thought that pairing denim with denim was an ideal outfit a few years ago. Denim on denim fashion, or what is otherwise called as Canadian Tuxedo, had held a bad reputation even during the 90’s when Jay Leno was caught wearing the style and made it resemble like a onesie. It even plummeted deeper into the “nope” part of fashion trends–” an absolute don’t”, if you may–when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived together at the 2001 American Music Awards wearing denim from head to toe. And I mean, clothes, hats, and bags!

It was a fashion nightmare and no one have dared to try out the style since. Until recently. Denim on denim appeared on several fashion blogs and in magazines, eventually being acknowledged by fashion mavens and found worn by top models in the runway. And denim on denim was stylish!

And if you’re hesitant in jumping and joining the denim on denim bandwagon, we’re here to clear it all out. Check out these useful tips to help you out in wearing this fabulous trend and go out without any sartorial scars.

Keep it to your clothing

This is the most important thing to remember. When you’re to wear the denim on denim trend, keep it to your clothes. If there’s anything we’ve learned from that 2001 AMA fashion-wise, it’s that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake chose the worse bag. I mean, denim bag and denim hat with all-out denim clothes? Excuse me while I cringe.

denim and coat


denim and leather

Mind the accessories

Keep this in mind: a plain rice bowl is a plain rice bowl. However, whatever toppings you choose to put on top of it will draw out the taste of that staple food. It’s the same with denim. It will always have that feel of casualness in it. But the accessories you will wear with it can define the style that you’re going through. Whether it’s dressing down or up.

denim on denim accessories


casual denim on denim


layered denim outfit

Contrasting shades

At the case of double denim, choosing a top with a lighter wash and shade than your bottom or vice versa gives an impression of chicness and a certain vogue, unlike Jay Leno’s matching shades turned onesie-like. You want to avoid that and contrasting shades will do excellently. Also, this is great if you don’t want to look like a cowboy or cowgirl.

denim on denim


denim and accesorries

Going multi-tonal

It’s not technically color-blocking but with double denim, it’s nearly so–only that it’s the same textile. And like color-blocking, having to tones is absolutely stylish. Go find pair a two-toned denim shirt and pair it with a denim bottom with a completely different wash. It leaves away the thought of denim on denim as un-stylish and actually makes it so.

multi tonal denim


double tone denim

Ripped jeans + Tailored shirts = SENSATIONAL

There’s something with wearing a neatly structured top and a distressed bottom that offers a great sense of style. It’s like you’re in that fine line between prim and proper and absolutely tacky. And that is wonderful!

ripped shorts and tailored shirt


ripped jeans