How To Wear The French Riviera Style This Summer

The French Riviera has been long known as not only one of the playground for the rich and famous. It is the sandbox of the playground. It is literally the place where the A-listers play by the sand. And like all things filled with elites, it has been teeming with paparazzi and grew its very own fashion.

The French Riviera fashion is a beautiful mix between nautical and Parisian chic. It’s the place where Breton was born and is absolutely a great place to spend your summer vacation. If you are, then lucky you! But if you aren’t, worry not! You could still spend the summer flaunting in the streets or walking by the beach looking like you’re going to the French Riviera.

Here are some key pieces to wear the French Riviera style this summer.

Think Minimalism

White, beige and cream could go a long way. Pick garments in these colors and that has detailed tailoring and chic design. A romantic loose blouse and shorts outfit combination would be an ideal casual look for when you are having your breakfast at a seaside cafe.

minimalist shirt and shorts

all white outfit

The Standard Stripes

Breton stripes are all over the beaches and streets of the French Riviera. And this classic stripes is one of the trademark fashion staple of the French Riviera fashion. You could wear it casually in a striped top and white cropped pants or you could take on the more feminine look and slip on a striped dress.

striped crop top white capri pants and fedora

straw hat and striped shirt dress

The Comfy Culottes

Culottes is an amazing fashion piece. It is dressy and comfortable-looking at the same time and it does not need the help of accessories to look so. Culottes is also a great alternative for full skirts especially when you’re hesitant to go out with that strong breeze from the ocean. Pair something that’s either slightly or completely form-fitting with your culottes to make the outfit look flattering on you.

culottes and loose shirt

tribal culottes and metallic birkenstocks

Denim Skirt and White Top Pairing

Denim skirts are ultimately trending this season, especially button front skirts. That vertical line that button-front skirts offer will give an illusion of a taller stature, particularly if the skirt is a midi one. Wearing a crisp white top with denim skirt is absolutely gorgeous for strolling on those cobblestone streets. It gives off a feminine yet casual chic feel.

button front skirt and waist tied shirt

denim skirt

Dresses in Classic Patterns

When I say classic patterns here, I meant patterns that have been around for a long time and have garnered a classy and vintage-y feel to them. An example to this is gingham and those floral prints with the flowers in some kind of line.

sailor collar vintage dress

gingham dress

The Birkenstocks Beautification

In French Riviera fashion, you usually ditch those mile-high killer stilettos for chic comfy sandals. But don’t be afraid to take the comfort-level of your outfit higher. Birkenstocks are, beyond any doubt, wearable for a French Riviera inspired outfit. The key is to wear them in an absolutely chic and girly outfit.

birkenstock and dress

white birkenstocks and light blue outfit

The High-something Bikinis

Whether it’s high-waisted or high neck, these bikinis offer a more covering than the usual bikinis. As a result, there’s this classiness to it that is not expected among bikinis.

high neck bikini stripes

high waist bikini

The Brown Bags

Well, to be honest, it’s not necessary to have just brown bags. The idea here is that brown usually gives off a casual beach-ready vibe and that’s what you want to accessorize in your outfit. Totes, crossover bags and even basket-woven bags are fantastic especially if your outfit has white in it.

brown tote bag

crossover bag

basket bag outfit - Copy

The Summer Hats

Those wide-brimmed fedoras and straw hats will instantly make any kind of outfit summer-ready and chic.

straw hat

wide brimmed fedora

And you might not believe this but the hairstyle you’re wearing underneath the hat can greatly change your look. For instance, a side part with both your ears hidden under your hair gives a different look than having one side of hair tucked behind the ear or when parting your hair at the center. See Youtube hair guru, Kayley Melissa, below for proof.

side part hat

tuck ear hat

center part hat