How to Wear the Plaid Print for Winter

For women who have a passion for fashion, the change of seasons does not only mean colder temperatures and holidays. The change of seasons also means a change in wardrobe. Bright floral pieces are replaced with darker hues and muted prints while sky high heels are replaces with low heeled boots. One of the most popular prints that women love to sport during winter is the plaid print. Here are some ideas on how you can wear the plaid print for winter

  • Wear plain pants – now that you’ve chucked away those bright colored skinny jeans from your summer and spring wardrobe, it’s time to start wearing more winter appropriate bottoms. Plaid print pants are the perfect winter alternative for colored skinny jeans. This print works well when worn with a plain solid colored top. Often you’ll find plaid trousers but plaid skinny jeans are available as well.

plaid pants plaid pants outfit

  • Wear a plaid coat – a coat is a must-have during winter. It’s a very vital part of your wardrobe as it can keep you warm while you stroll down the streets on a cold winter day. Coats also allow you to wear not so warm clothes underneath for when you’re going to events that require such like cocktails and dinner parties. However, a plain coat can be boring. Plaid makes a great statement print if you want a coat that really stands out from the crowd.

plaid coat

  • Plaid skirt – channel a Scottish vibe in your winter outfit by wearing a plaid skirt with leggings or tights underneath. You can wear a plaid skirt as short as you like because the leggings / tights underneath will keep you warm anyway.

pladi skirt outfit plaid skirt

  • Plaid button down shirt – a plaid button down shirt is perhaps one of the most basic ways to wear the plaid print for winter. You can wear it closed on its own with just your favorite pair of jeans or you can also wear it unbuttoned and use  it to add color and texture to a layered outfit. Some women also like to wrap their plaid button down shirt around their waist, just for style.

plaid shirt outfit plaid shirt

  • Plaid scarf – not feeling too bold this winter? That’s okay, you can just don on a plain black and white outfit or any dark colored outfit but be sure to add something to your plain outfit to make it more interesting. A plaid scarf makes a great addition to any plain winter outfit because it adds a nice touch of color and it also helps keep you warm.

plaid scarf outfitplaid scarf

  • Plaid dress– a plaid dress is a very bold way to wear the plaid print this winter. Because you’ll be wearing one print from head to toe, it would be better to match your plaid dress with plain, neutral and minimal accessories. You can also wear tights underneath your plaid dress if you find that the weather is too cold for your legs.

plaid dress outfit plaid dress

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix the plaid print with other winter prints. Just remember to do so proportionally.