How To Wear Tracksuits Stylishly

This era is truly a great time for fashion. The rules aren’t as stiff as they were before. They are, in fact, flexible enough for one to wear a certain outfit that would have been frowned upon in previous decades. For instance, the dress codes for cruises do not only comprise of cocktail dresses and sundresses. You could now wear casual pieces like sneakers to work. And, of course, tracksuits are now stylish outside of the gym.

You can now wear tracksuits even if you are not working out. And you have the rise of athleisure trend to thank for that. But in a type of clothing that has bagginess and slouchiness as parts of its nature, you really want to be careful on how you will wear tracksuits and get away with it. Here are some tips to wear tracksuits stylishly.

First off, you could start out simple. Wear a tracksuit and a simple white t-shirt underneath. If it’s hot out, leave the tracksuit top. Take cues from Jennifer Lopez and tie your hair into a cute messy bun and roll up the sleeves of your shirt a couple of folds up. The result is a simple yet absolutely chic athleisure look.

Jennifer Lopez tracksuit pants and t-shirt | Aelida

You could even channel Rihanna and follow suit wearing this cute light pink tracksuit. The thing with this outfit is that it could speak for its self like, “Yeah, this is a tracksuit but it’s a cute dressy one you could wear out of the gym”. Pair it up with a simple wedged sneakers and you’ll be good to go.

Rihanna pink velvet tracksuit | Aelida

And if you’re in your top form, there are even tracksuits that don’t hang loose around your body as most other tracksuits do. These tracksuits are not snugly-fit, either. They’re just the right amount of fitness to your body that will help in showing of your fit physique. And if you’re petite, then try out those tracksuits with jackets hanging around a few inches above your hips. That way, you’ll look like you have longer legs.

slim-fit tracksuit | Aelida

To make those tracksuits wearable for an everyday casual outfit, you want to incorporate a few casual staples into your outfit. Something that will add a good amount of dressiness to your outfit. An example of this will be wearing blazer instead of the matching tracksuit jersey jacket. The clean look of the blazer will offset with the slouchiness of the tracksuit pants. Also, you could turn tracksuits into a comfortable yet stylish look just by trading those rubber shoes with a pair of heels. That in itself will add flair to the overall look.

Blake Lively tracksuit and heels | Aelida tracksuit pants and blazer | Aelida

There are tracksuits out there that are made with collar or in a muted hue that makes them wearable for a business casual attire. Take the advantage of it. Pair those kinds of tracksuits with bright accessories to stray the attention slightly from the tracksuit.

tracksuit for business casual | Aelida

Before, you would have thought that tracksuits aren’t the sexiest clothing to wear but then it could have its appeal. Especially when you wear it with crop tops or bandeaus. You could expose those bandeaus or crop tops by splaying open your tracksuit jacket or, if it’s hot outside, get rid of the jacket entirely.

Kylie Jenner tracksuit pants and crop top | Aelida leather tracksuit pants and platform shoes | Aelida

And of course, you can always go on ahead to celebrities and A-listers to look for inspirations. British singer and currently The X-Factor UK’s judge, Rita Ora, is a great celebrity to look for stylish tracksuits outfit inspiration. She once wore a floral printed tracksuit and a party-ready tracksuit with a translucent pants.

Rita Ora floral tracksuit | Aelida Rita Ora tracksuit outfit for party | Aelida