How to Wear Trendy Jumpers

Jumpers are one of those must have piece of clothing items for fall and for winter. Most jumpers are made from cotton, wool or any other fabrics to keep you warm. Knitted jumpers are also very popular. There are lots of ways you can wear a jumper, here are some of our suggestions:

  • Wear it as a dress – when the temperature is not too cold yet and you have an oversize jumper, you can wear it as a dress to achieve a sexy feminine look. This could be the perfect outfit for you, too, if you just plan on lounging around the house al day. if your jumper is a little too short or if you simply can’t and won’t walk around with bare legs, tights or leggings should be able to help you out.

black oversize jumperlounging jumper outfit

  • Wear it with a maxi skirt – maxi skirts make you look so much taller than you really are, especially when worn with heels. Maximize the elongating effect of your maxi skirt by wearing a jumper over it.  This combination is very girly and the flow and movement that the maxi skirt creates add just the right amount of drama to the whole ensemble. If you’re naturally endowed with long legs, this outfit will also look good on you with ballerina flats.

maxi skirt and jumper

blue maxi and jumper outfit

  • Wear it with leggings – the typical fall look consisting of a jumper, leggings and a scarf never gets old. This is the most popular go-to outfit combination for fall of most women and it’s not difficult to see why. This look may be common but it never goes out of style and it works great on keeping you warm when the temperature drops.

fall jumper and leggingsjumpers and leggings

  • Wear it with shorts – if you’ve got jumpers made from more breathable and cool fabric like cotton, you can always wear those with your favorite pair of shorts on a rather windy summer day or any day, for that matter, if you live in places where summers don’t scorch your skin and make you sweat gallons.

jumper and shortnude jumper and shots

  • Wear it over a cute dress – if you’ve got a cute dress that you’re dying to wear but it’s too cold outside, just throw on a jumper over it and you’re all set to go. if your dress is short enough to get covered by a regular jumper, you may want to consider wearing a crop jumper instead.

jumper over dressdress and jumper