How To Wear Victorian-Inspired Pieces Modernly

However straightlaced the Victorian era may be, running for more or less 70 years, the era’s impact on fashion is too huge an influence in the entire fashion world. Modern fashion designers still sought out sartorial inspirations from the iconic fashion pieces that had arisen during the Victorian era. How this 70-year era of one known monarch transcended and placed itself in a permanent position in an industry is beyond amazing.

And the spring of 2016 is a bright and wonderful reminder to all of us fashion forward women just how influential the Victorian era is in the fashion world. From ruffles, laces, to the well-known wicked curved heels of Victorian shoes, we have seen many fashion designers take fashion inspos from the Victorian era. And here are some ways for you to wear these Victorian-inspired pieces modernly.

High Neck Top

There are certainly numerous clothes and pieces commonly worn in the Victorian era that reemerged into the fashion trends this year. One of these pieces are those high neck blouse. There is a certain sense of elegance in a high neck top. The way allure and modesty is combined oh-so wonderfully in a high neck top is evident. High neck tops are great for formal events, especially when it is made up of lace, but it is also a good top to wear for casual and semi-formal looks.

high neck white blouse lace high neck top


Ruffles is a characteristic that is popular and common to any kind of Victorian-inspired clothing. Oftentimes, you could see ruffles being incorporated into blouses, as Victorian tops often have fluffy silhouettes. With that said, clothes with ruffles are great if you are thinking of going for a romantic look, whether you are wearing it for a date night or just for everyday looks.

ruffled top

Victorian prints

While most Victorian clothes are of solid colors, there are prints and patterns that stood out during the Victorian era. Simple gothic patterns that you see nowadays have all been popular during the Victorian era. There are also vintage floral prints that have added more romantic essence in the dark romantic look of typical Victorian clothes.

patterned blouse high neck floral top

Long lace dress

We see long lace dresses typically being worn by gothic and grunge style these days. But these have all been quite popular during the Victorian time. They usually have a simple silhouette and has a lace overlay all over.

black lace dress lace dress

Velvet dress

You hardly see velvet dresses these last few years but it is definitely getting back on the trend and riding the Victorian trend bandwagon. Even if the dress has a simple design and A-line or shift silhouette, there is still something regal and grand about it just because it is made of velvet. And that’s really how you’re supposed to pull off velvet dresses–go for the minimalism route.

purple velvet dress black velvet dress

Long coat

You would certainly see long coats in old movies. But in the early days of spring, they are beyond stylish–they are also functional. Because most long coats are huge and would look oversized to anyone, I suggest opting for long coats in light colors so as not to look dreary wearing them during the spring season.

light blue long coat gray long coat

Victorian shoes

While the actual Victorian shoes are not really something wearable for the modern days, there are shoes out there that have a hint of Victorian essences to them. Some oxford shoes, especially those with heels, have always looked vintage. Most of designer Chie Mihara’s shoes have a whiff of Victorian air in them and are totally gorgeous and wearable. They also have this old-school classy personality in them which makes them great investments.

oxford heels Victorian pumps