How to Wear White Denim


White denim has been quite the trend last summer but with winter taking on the winter white trend, we’re seeing new ways to wear our summer fave. If you ever get sick of your usual blue jeans, switch them up with white jeans for a white hot winter look. Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear white denim.

  • BLACK AND WHITE – create a classic combo by pairing up your white jeans with a black top. This combo is a foolproof one that you can sport anytime without having to worry if it’ll work for you or not. You can finish off your outfit with other black and/or white pieces of accessory.

white cropped jeans and black top white denim and black sweater white denim and black top

white denim black batwing top

  • WHITE DENIM OVERALLS – for a cool and unique street style look, wear white denim overalls. You can keep the look plain and pure by pairing it up with a white shirt underneath or you can also give it a bit more of a cheery look by opting for a bright or colorful shirt underneath. No idea how to wear that sheer top without showing too much skin? Wear it underneath white denim overalls! It’ll let you show just the right amount of skin in your look.

overalls and lace undershirt overalls and light blue striped shirt overalls and sweater

  • HEAD TO TOE WHITE – want to go for a head to toe white outfit but don’t want to end up with an outfit that’s too fancy and dressy? Try wearing white denim instead of trousers or slacks. Denim always lends any look and instant casual vibe. If you don’t think you can get away with plain white on white without it being a snooze fest, choose white pieces with very subtle and soft details to add variety to the look.

monochromatic white outfit white on white outfit lace and white distressed white denim

  • WILD ON THE TOP MILD ON THE BOTTOM – if you’ve been dying to try the print on print trend but don’t want to do it from head to toe, you can mix and match your prints and patterns just up top instead and then anchor down all that craziness with a pair of white denim pants. This will tone down your look and balance it out for a seriously stylish outfit.

double print top double print top and white jeans

  • WHITE LUX – being a plain and simple color, white has the ability to blend in with lots of other themes and palettes pretty well but one certain look that it really goes with is the luxurious look. Wear your white jeans with lux pieces like a fur jacket or a lace top or maybe even some premium quality accessories like leather and cashmere to take the fancy level of your outfit up a notch instantly.

monochromatic textured outfitlace and white jeans lux ombre wool jacket black and white fur