How to Wear White Jeans for Summer

White has always been the ultimate warm weather color and for summer, we’re loving outfits that have touches of white everywhere. This year, one of the pieces taking center stage is white jeans. It’s not a new trend, by any means. They’ve been around for quite some time now and they’ve always been a staple for spring and summer but more so during summer. White jeans are great to work with because they go well with anything and everything. It’s like having a blank canvass where you can showcase fabulous pieces against. Here are some useful tips on how to wear white jeans for summer and look chic in them all season long.

  • Choose a pair made of thick material – if there’s one thing I don’t like about most white jeans, it’s the fact that they tend to make panty lines more visible and noticeable. Good thing, though, this can quickly and easily be avoided. All you have to do is make sure you grab yourself a pair that’s made from thick and good quality material. You can also wear seamless underwear to avoid the panty lines while you’re still on the search for a better pair of white jeans for summer.

summer white jeans casual white jeans summer outft

  • Monochromatic outfit – monochromatic outfits are on trend for spring and summer and if you’re looking for a really ‘summery’ way to get on with this look, why not try doing an outfit that’s white from head to toe? Monochromatic white outfits have a slimming effect that’s perfect if you’re dressing up to look thinner. It also makes you look a few inches taller so it’s great if you’re petite. On the other hand, if you’re tall and you just want the posh look of a monochromatic outfit, you can always break up your outfit by adding a belt in a contrasting color by the waist.

monochromatic white outfit

white head to toe

  • With fun prints and bright colors– since white is so plain and basic, it’s almost imperative that you pair it up with something fun, exciting and interesting like cool summer prints and bold hues. Choose prints that come in fun and vibrant colors. They’re sure to pop against the plain white jeans which sort of act as a blank canvass where you can showcase prints.

bright top and purse floral top and white pants

  • Minimalist – white is a neutral color that easily blends with anything and everything including other neutral colors like black, beige, and tan. Wear your white jeans with other neutral pieces to create a look that perfectly embodies the minimalist trend. If you’re not too fond of very plain and simple outfits, you can also add a subtle pop of color through your accessories. Keep it to a minimum, though, so you can keep the minimalist look going.

posh minimalistic soft and girly minimalist

  • Summer casual – need a quick casual look for summer? Wear your white jeans with a chambray shirt or a tank top with a denim jacket on top and you’re all set for the day. It’s such an easy outfit that’s sure to give you that instant summer vibe in your look. Add other summer accessories into the mix like a chic hat or a cute bucket bag to go all out on your summer casual look.

summer casual outfit patterned chambray outfit