How to Wear Winter Scarf

Scarves are very important during the winter. They don’t just make your outfit look more stylish and chic, they actually help you keep yourself warm and cozy when you’re out on a cold winter’s day. A lot of women like to wear scarves for this reason. However, because scarves are one of the most popular accessories that’s being used, it’s so easy to see someone else wearing the same scarf that you’re wearing and sometimes when luck just isn’t at your side, you wear it the same way they do, too. To avoid such awkward moments, it’s always nice to change up the way you wear your scarf every once in a while. Here are different ways on how to wear winter scarf:

  • Wrapped up – this style of wearing a scarf for winter is pretty cozy and is sure to keep you snug. This style works best with chunky knit sweaters. To do this, simply wear your scarf on the back of your neck and adjust to make one end longer than the other. Next, wrap one end around your neck as many times as possible and then tuck the remainder in. Do the same with the other end and you’re done.

wrapped upwrapped up scarf

  • Over the shoulder flick – this is perhaps one of the simplest ways to wear a scarf, yet it looks so chic and sophisticated. To do this, simply wear your scarf at the back of your neck and adjust until both ends are of the same length then flick one end over to one shoulder (right end to left shoulder or left end to right shoulder) and you’re all set and good to go.

over the shoulder flick

  • Single loop – this style is intended for infinity scarves. All you have to do is ear your infinity scarf around your neck and let it hang like a necklace chain. It’s simple and it’s very easy to pull off.

single loop

  • Double loop – another way to wear an infinity scarf, double loop simply requires you to wear your scarf around the neck and then gather it by the middle, loop and wear over the head to create another loop. It’s a much warmer alternative to the single loop, too.

double loop double loop scarf

  • Looped with hanging ends – this style is intended for longer and skinnier scarves although it also works well with slightly chunky scarves. To do this, you just have to wear your scarf in reverse which means you put it around your throat instead of the back of your neck. After that, take both ends and bring it to the front. Tuck the ends to the loop and let the remainder of them just hang. Looks great with fringed scarves, too.

handing ends scarf hanging ends

  • Knotted – if you’ve got a silk scarf, this is the best way to wear it. This style is very elegant and chic and there are a few couple of varieties on how this can be done. The most basic way to do a knotted scarf is simply to knot it like you would a thread or a shoe lace. You can also spice it up by knotting it like you would a scarf but this one would only work well with longer silk scarves. If you know other ways to create a knot, you can apply that to your scarves, too.

knotted scarf knotterd scarf