How to Wear Your Denim Jacket with Style

If there’s one piece of clothing that every girl should have, celebrity or not, then I guess we’ll all agree that this should be a good denim jacket. This is because the denim jacket is one of the most versatile clothing pieces that you can have. It looks good with almost anything and can be worn anytime. Denim jackets come in different ‘shades’ or washes. There are dark denims, acid wash denims, bleached, stone washed, dirty washed, faded, and over-dyed jeans. You will also find that, today, denim jackets are no longer just the plain ones. They’re also styled in different ways with different accessories such as studs, lace, and sequins and they can also be cropped.

casual denim jacket

denim jacket and maxi dress

If you want to achieve a casual and laidback yet still chic look wearing a denim jacket, then your best bet would be to pair it with just a shirt and a pair of shorts, sweats or skinny pants. This can be worn when you want to just walk around the mall or do errands on lazy weekends. Denim on denim may have seemed odd in the past but today, it’s one of the hottest trends that everyone can easily pull off.

denim jacket and shorts

denim on denim

If you want a more flirty, feminine and chic outfit, you can also achieve this by pairing your denim jacket with dresses. Spring is perfect for a combo of flowy, maxi dress and a denim jacket along with strappy flats. This is also the time to pair your denim jacket with a light dress with prints that say ‘spring’ like floral prints or polka dots.

chic denim jacket

denim jacket spring style

Because denim jackets are very versatile, this piece of clothing item can also easily transition into fall. Wear it over a light sweater with a scarf and you’re set. Of course, the denim jacket and dress combo can also be worn during fall, just wear cute leggings underneath your dress and you’re sure to look fabulous for fall.

classy outfit with denim jacket

The denim jacket is not just limited to daytime looks. This can also be worn during the night for a quick cocktail or a casual dinner night out. You can wear your denim jacket with a pencil skirt for a very sophisticated nighttime look.

denim jacket and pencil skirt

denim jacket and mini skirt

A denim jacket is a good investment and a great addition to any closet. It never goes out of style and always looks fashionable so go ahead and grab yourself one if you haven’t got one already.

denim jacket and maxi dress

Miranda Kerr in a Denim JacketMiranda Kerr in a Denim Jacket