How to Wear Your Shorts in Cold Weather

A lot of people think that the idea of wearing shorts during cold days is absurd. They think it’s not ideal and practical because shorts expose your legs and wearing them will make you freeze your legs off. That might be true, but only if you don’t know how to wear your shorts in cold weather properly.

There are things you can do and items you can wear to still be able to wear your favorite pair of shorts, or those you never had the chance to use, from past seasons during colder days like fall or winter. Here are some of our tips on how you can wear your shorts in cold weather:

  • Cold weather calls for leather – remember that pair of leather shorts you bought for summer and when you tried to wear them you just couldn’t keep them on because they were hot, tight and burning? Well, now is the perfect time to take them out again and give them a second try. Leather shorts are more ideal for colder days because they can keep you warm. Pair them with pieces that have interesting texture like wool, velvet or silk to create an awesome fashion combo.

leather shortsleather shorts outfit

  • Layering is key – make your summer go to outfit combination of jean shorts and t-shirt more appropriate by adding layers to keep you warm. One popular layering technique for wearing shorts in cold weather is to wear tights or leggings underneath for additional warmth. Pick tights if it’s not freezing cold and go for leggings when the temperature drops drastically.

shorts and tights

shorts and leggings

  • Wear with knee-high boots – if you think that the combination of shorts and tights do not look good or do not flatter you very well, you can always wear your shorts another way without having to feel cold. Pair your shorts with boots that are knee-high. This will keep part of your legs feeling warmer without the leggings or tights. Wear boot socks for extra warmth.

shorts with boots

shorts and boots

  • Wear with a long coat – the perfect way to wear even the shortest of shorts without having to let your legs feel cold is to wear them with a long coat or jacket  because you can simply close your coat to cover you up when you’re out in the cold and then remove it or open it up again when you’re inside.

shorts and a very long coatshorts and coat

  • Tips on shopping for shorts to wear in cold weather – if you feel like your fall or winter wardrobe needs a revamp or if you simply want to add shorts to your existing cold weather wardrobe, make sure to shop for shorts that are made of thick and sturdy material like tweed or corduroy. These fabrics are so much warmer and are more appropriate for colder days.

tweed shortscoral corduroy shorts