Ideas for Cute DIY Jean Shorts

A good pair of jeans is perhaps something that you will find in everyone’s closet, especially ladies. They’re comfortable and they really hold up well and can stay with you for a really long time. Aside from that, another thing to love about jeans is that they never go out of style. They’ve been in the fashion scene longer than most of us have known about.

cutoffs diy jean shorts


If you’ve accumulated tons of jeans over the years, then chance are that some of these pairs have already been DIY-ed and turned into jean shorts. Although turning your old pair of jeans into jean shorts are already creative enough, there are still plenty that you can do with your DIY jean shorts.

casual diy jean shorts

One thing you can do to glam up your DIY jean shorts is to add lace to them. This will give your shorts a more feminine look and you can use this to match with dressier tops and blouses. There are countless ways to do this but the easiest would be to just sew lace on the hems of your shorts. You can also do it on the pockets if you like. And if lace seems to girly for you, you can always substitute it with a strip of fabric with a really cool print.

chic diy jean shorts

patterned diy jean shorts

If you’ve got one of those really drab-looking pair of DIY jean shorts that you haven’t thrown away because you feel like you could do something to them one day, today could just be that day! Make your boring, old jean shorts more exciting and ready for summer by simply distressing them. Once you’re done with this, you’re ready to hit the beach.

distresses diy jean shorts

highwaisted diy jean shorts

Want to make more of your DIY jean shorts summer-ready? Then you should do ombre shorts! These colorful shorts are perfect for summer, especially when worn with cropped tops. The look is just so sexy and so fresh. To make ombre shorts, you’ll need about 2 or 3 different colors of fabric / cloth dyes, a pair of shorts, and a basin. First, prepare the fabric dye in a basin according to instructions. Next, fold your shorts, depending on how many layers of colors you want to have. Then dip each layer, let dry and repeat with another color until you’re done.

sexy ombre shorts

how to ombre diy jean shorts


DIY jeans shorts are always more fun and interesting when you glam them up so take these ideas and add an element of fun in your DIY jean shorts. You can also combine these ideas for a better-looking, more adventurous pair of DIY jean shorts.

neon jean shorts

lace diy jean shorts

Cool Diy idea to refresh your old denim  shorts with bleach and rhinestones .You can bleach your shorts completely, or just  add bleach in a few diy shorts