Ideas for Outfits to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Longer legs are always highly dreamed of and coveted by almost all women. There’s just something so alluringly sexy about lean, long legs whether they stride gracefully on the runway or just casually around the mall. A lot of women do things and sometimes even resort to desperate measures just to get long legs. However, we have here ideas for outfits to make your legs look longer without having to take any supplement, go under any kind of surgery or even hit the gym every so often.

  • Wear nude heels – any outfit would go well with a nude colored pair of heels so why not wear them? Nude heels, especially when you pick those closest to your skin tone, can give the illusion of longer legs since it fools the eyes as to where the legs end and the feet begin. The elongating effect is very flattering when worn with dresses that go with your body type well.

lbd and nude heels

nude heels and dress

  • Flare pants and wedges or heels – though skinny jeans can also help you in your goal to achieve longer looking legs, the combination of wide-legged pant such as flare pants and wedges or high heels can do wonders for you if you want to make your legs look longer. The floor-length hemline and wedges automatically add a few more inches to your physique.

flare jeans

peach flare jeans

  • Go high-waisted – whether it’s high-waisted pants, skirts, shorts or even bikinis, all these make your waistline look higher than it really is and so it gives the illusion of longer legs as well. Tucking your shirt in or wearing a crop top is the best way to go about showing off your longer legs with high-waisted bottoms.

high waist pants

  • Same color pants and shoes – wearing pants and shoes of the same color or hue is also a great idea for outfits to make your legs look longer. The unbroken line between your pants and shoes make your legs look more sleek and slender to the eyes. Black pants and black shoes, especially high-heeled boots are a popular choice of combination.

black on black

leggings and  boots

  • Vertical stripes on pants – not only are these very trendy, they also help in making your legs look longer. Find the right proportion of stripes for your body type and you’re sure to look a few more inches taller. Pair your striped leggings with a plain top to avoid distractions that may just defeat the purpose of wearing striped pants.

dark pin stripe pants

striped pants

Wearing heels is the simplest solution to make your legs look longer but these tips will surely take elongating your legs up a notch.