Immaculate Ways to Wear White for Spring

Your spring outfits don’t always have to be loaded with colors and prints. Sometimes, a break from all the different colors, shades and hues can be refreshing, too. White is something that we tend to wear a lot in the summer, simply because it’s light and easy so if you’re looking for a chic and classic way to break free from colors for a while, why not wear white? Check out these tips and tricks we have for you on immaculate ways to wear white for spring. Take these to heart and you’ll be rocking white for spring like a pro in no time!

  • Yes to long dresses but no to wedding-y designs – white is known as the ultimate color for wedding dresses so if you don’t want to look like a runaway bride scouring the streets for a place to rest and tarry your escape, try to avoid wedding-y designs and details on white dresses. Long white dresses are okay but make sure they have a casual look and feel to them. For starters, steer clear of fabrics that wedding dresses are usually made of. Instead, go for more of the everyday ordinary fabrics like cotton. Look for a dress that features clean simple lines instead of complex and intricate ones that might look too bridal.

long long white dress

  • Monochromatic in white separates – just because you’re sporting a monochromatic white outfit doesn’t mean it has to be all in one piece. Wearing separates is a good way to add more detail and texture to make your outfit more exciting and interesting and that’s exactly what you need with something that tends to get as boring as plain white. Choose separates that have very different textures, made from very different materials. This is how you add variation to a monochromatic scheme.


separate monochrome

  • Anything in black will look good in white – any part of your outfit that you would normally wear in black will definitely look just as good in white. For this matter, try switching a black piece for a white one and see how much difference it makes. Turn your little black dress into a little white dress or substitute those black pumps you’ve been wearing forever for white ones, for a change, and see how fab your look will turn out to be.

white sub white sub black

  • Get a little racy – if you’re looking for a way to wear those sexy trends that are super hot right now but fear that you might end up with a rather trashy look, try wearing them in white. White is such a divine color that it tends to make even the sexiest, raciest outfit look prim and proper. Any outfit with sheer paneling, see through areas, and huge cut out details are sure to look elegant and feminine when worn in white so go ahead, show a little skin and tease a little bit.

racy racy bit

  • Texture and prints are a must – if you want to keep a full white outfit from looking boring and too monotonous, then texture and prints are a must. White has the tendency to look bland and boring when worn incorrectly so go for some texture and printed fabric when planning to go all white with your outfit.

texture and print texture