Inspirations for Knee High Socks Outfits

When you hear knee-high socks, perhaps one of the first things that come to your mind are Asian anime girls. In anime, school girls often wear uniforms consisting of a shirt, a really short skirt and knee-high socks along with their shoes. It’s a very cute look that you can take inspiration from, but aside from that, there are lots of other ways to wear knee high socks. Here are some inspirations for knee high socks outfits that we have for you:

  • Cute anime style – as mentioned earlier, knee high socks are very prominent in anime. If you want to recreate an anime school girl’s uniform, you will need a button down shirt, a mini skirt (preferably one that flares out), cute shoes and of course, knee high socks. You can also throw on a blazer if you feel like it. This would make a cute costume anytime, too.

anime inspired

anime inspired outfit

  • Sexy but cozy – when you think about cozy outfits, the thing that comes to mind is layers and layers of clothes to cover you up and while that may well be what you need on a really cold day, it doesn’t always have to be the case when the temperature has just started to drop. If you’re starting to feel the chill with the seasonal change, you can still create a fun and sexy look by wearing a sweater dress with knee high socks. Knee high socks will help keep your legs warm while still lending a chic vibe to your outfit.

sweater dress and socks

sweater dress outfit sweater dress

  • Cool and casual – for a very cool and casual look, you can wear knee high socks with your favorite pair of shorts. Any kind of shorts will do but denim shorts usually work best with this style. The great thing about this is that you can wear this outfit combo from summer to winter, depending on the top that you wear it with. The choice on whether to wear high waisted shorts or mid-rise shorts is really up to you but either way, it would still look awesome.

shorts and sock shorts outfit

  • Comfortably girly – sometimes you’d ditch your dresses for pants when it gets cold but there’s really no need to do that. You can still rock a very girly look even with the temperature starting to drop. Simply wear knee high socks to cover your legs and you’ll be good to go. it’s not only comfy, it’s very cute and stylish too.

 dress outfit dress dress and socks