Interesting Ways to Wear Blue for Spring

Blue is a color that’s not always associated with girls or being girly but that doesn’t mean we don’t wear it. Blue is such a gorgeous color and there are just endless ways to wear it. This spring, while everything is all about colors, I think it would be a nice idea to incorporate some blues in your outfits. The great thing about the color blue is that you can use it to add a bit of a boyish vibe to your look but when you wear it on a fabric with a very feminine look and feel, it can really be super chic and glamorous. So, other than wearing blue on your clothes, how else do you rock this pretty color? Here are some interesting ways to wear blue for spring that you might want to give a try.

  • Blue eye shadow – blue eye shadow isn’t exactly a color that I would wear on an everyday basis but it does look great if you want to add a pop of color to your look. You can use blue eye shadow to create very dramatic eye makeup looks but you can also use it for something softer and more subtle. Blue eye shadow looks especially great on brown eyes because both colors sort of bring out the best in one another. When wearing blue eye shadow, try to keep the rest of your makeup simple as this color can really take all the attention and you don’t want too much going on in one look.

bold blue eye makeup powdery blue eyeshadow

  • Blue eyeliner – if you aren’t a fan of loud and bold eye makeup looks but still want to add that pop of blue on your eyes, you can opt for blue eyeliner instead. Try substituting your regular black eyeliner with dark blue eyeliner to get an interesting result. You can also go for a brighter shade of blue eye liner if you really want the color to pop.

simple blue eyeliner

turquoise blue eye liner

  • Blue mascara – and if you want something yet more subtle than blue eye shadow or blue eyeliner, you can use blue mascara instead. Blue mascara adds intense color to your eye makeup look but without going too much over the top. It’s the perfect thing to wear if you just want to spice up your regular makeup look, especially if it’s a neutral one, and add an interesting detail to it.

vivid blue mascara electric blue mascara

  • Blue highlights – want to change up your look a little bit without doing anything drastic? Changing your hair color is always a good idea if it’s change that you want but if don’t like the long term commitment that comes with it, why not try doing temporary blue highlights on your hair?  Get the washable kind so that it comes right off at the end of the day. You can also add other colors into the mix to get a more funky looking hairstyle.

blue highlights on blonde hair streaks of blue highlights

  • Monochromatic blue outfit – think an all blue outfit is too boyish? Well think again! The key to making a monochromatic blue outfit look girly and cute is to incorporate different prints with it or to go for pieces with feminine silhouettes. Master this and you can turn any blue outfit into a nice and chic one. Of course, if you’re not into the whole ‘girly, dainty, flirty’ thing with your clothes, you can always use blue to create a monochromatic outfit with a boyish vibe by going all out and including menswear inspired pieces in.

all blue outfit blue cardigan and stripes