Jeggings Vs Jeans

Jeans have been around for the longest time and they’ve been a closet staple for a lot of men and women. They come in different cuts, styles and designs and they can last you quite a while, too. Jeggings were recently introduced and basically, jeggings is the perfect middle ground between jeans and leggings thus the term jeggings. Both are stylish and would go very well with any outfit but if you’re still torn between the two, here are some good points of comparison on jeggings vs jeans

  • Comfort – while everyone has always been comfortable in wearing jeans in the past, jeggings have taken comfort to a whole new level. Basically, jeggings feel exactly like leggings which means that the fabric on jeggings is much softer compared to that of jeans.

jeans jeggings outfit

  • Pockets – pockets on pants are very convenient, especially when you’re in a rush and you need to put your change, your phone or other little things somewhere and opening and tinkering through your purse is just not convenient. Jeans have a lot of pocket on them. Most jeans have at least 2 pockets on each side in front and 2 at the back as well. Jeggings, on the other hand, only have fake pockets that you wouldn’t be able to put your hands in to.
jeans and shirt

jeggings and boots

  • Stretchiness – okay, so we all gain a bit of weight every now and then. It’s normal. Good thing jeans can stretch out a bit to accommodate at 1 or 2 inches more than the normal size but then that’s it for jeans. The stretch factor in them is very limited whereas with jeggings, a size M can fit up to a size L very comfortable. You can stretch them out much farther because the waist area is garterized rather than buttoned and zipped up.

jeggings casual

  • Color and design– we think it’s a tie for jeans and jeggings when it comes to color and design. Jeans used to come only in different colors or washes: light wash, dark wash, acid wash, etc. Today, though, you can get jeans in all different colors and sometimes they’ll come in cute prints and patterns too just like jeggings.

jeggings for fall jeans tattered

  • Style and fit – if you’re looking for versatility, jeans are definitely your best bet because jeans come in different cuts. You can choose from straight cut jeans, boot leg cut, flared, skinny and more to get the best kind of fit you are looking for. Jeggings, on the other hand, only come fitted just like leggings but it’s very easy to find the perfect fit with them.

jeggings colored jeans rolled up

  • Durability – when it comes to durability, jeans win hands down over jeggings. Jeans can last you at least 5 years given that they’re not the only pair you wear everyday, of course. The material that jeans are made out of, which is denim, is very strong and sturdy and can withstand wear and tear with grace. Jeggings, because of their stretchiness, tend to sag and if stretched to the limit they can also rip. They don’t last as long as jeans do.

jeans for fall