Knee Length Dresses for a Conservative, yet Chic You

With the trend setting mini dresses and maxi dresses, who says knee length dresses are out of style? Well, dresses in between mini and maxi dresses are still stylish and chic nowadays. If you are more on the conservative side and  would not be very comfortable wearing very short dresses, but would not be comfortable as well wearing longer ones (or you are small enough to wear maxi dresses), then knee length dresses may be best for you.

For stylish and chic dresses at knee length, the following are the top designs:

Laces are really very versatile. In knee length dresses, lace designs are also very elegant and fit formal events. This knee length dress is very simple, but with lace added, it becomes very fashionable.

Knee length Lace dress

White color complements knee length dresses for a simple and conservative look. White knee length dresses are best for proms as well as weddings. Make the colors reversed with a black dress and white lining for great black knee length dresses.

Knee Length Prom Dress

Knee length dresses with sleeves are best for formal and business events. This pink knee lenght dress with sleeved top is dual purpose. It can be used alone for a kene lenght tube dres or with the top for a more casual look.

Knee length casual Dress

Blue knee length dresses are also best sellers because the conservative look of the dress matches the charming color. Add glamor by picking haltered dresses or chiffon fabric.Knee Length Dress

This knee length Asian-inspired dress is very cute for young ladies. Match your fair color with this floral Chinese dress.

Knee Length Asian Dress

Knee length dresses are versatile when it comes to dress styles. From haltered, V neck, one shoulder or strapped dresses, you can never go wrong with a knee length dress.

Knee Length Dress Styles

Cute knee length dresses are also best for a summer dress. Grab your printed dress and hit the beach in a stylish way.

Knee length Summer Dresses

If you are not into printed designs, then grab one of these pastel knee length dresses with varying styles.

Pastel Knee length dresses

Who says wedding dresses should only be long? Knee length dresses are also best for beach and garden weddings. Get a charming gown and a cute pair of sandals and you’re ready to walk down the aisle.

Knee length Wedding Gown

You can also have one of this layered white dress for your wedding. Match it with a long bridal veil to create a long train as you walk down the red carpet.

Knee length Wedding Dress

Others say that knee length dresses are for older women and choosing above the knee ones is better, but choosing the right style and design can just give you the look that you want.