Knowing Boho Jewelry Better

When talking about fashion and the word ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Boho’ comes about, one would immediately think layered, free flowing and natural because these are what would best describe the Bohemian style and fashion. Along with bohemian clothing, one other key to successfully dressing in full Boho style is the use of Boho jewelry.

Boho jewelry has distinct characteristics. You may see them being used in styles and trends other than Bohemian as there is really no  such thing as ‘strictly Bohemian’ jewelry. Most of the time, these pieces are made from natural material such as wood and metal and very rarely will you see plastic accessories being used. In this article you will find a guide on knowing Boho jewelry better.

boho jewelry

  • All natural – as mentioned previously, Boho jewelry is often made from things that are found in nature. Wooden beads, wooden bangles, metal necklaces, and gems are just some examples of Boho jewelry made from all natural materials. Today however, with Bohemian fashion being modernized, innovation has arised. Plastic accessories that are made to look like wood are being used with outfits that are inspired by this style simply because it is more convenient. Feathers and flowers are also a popular choice for embellishments on Boho jewelry.

all boho jewelry

boho chic

  • Layered – the same trend on layering Bohemian clothing applies to Boho jewelry. Long necklaces are layered with ones that have shorter chains and bracelets are layered and stacked on top of each other almost like the modern arm candy / arm party craze except that layering Boho jewelry calls for more neutral and earthy pieces.

bohemian jewelryboho metal accessories

  • Earthy colors – brown, bronze, gold, silver, rosegold, tan, taupe – these are just some of the colors that you will find in Boho jewelry. Of course, gem and other precious stones are used to give their whole ensemble a pop of color but other than that, most colors are very warm and earthy.

layered boho necklaces

boho metal jewelry

  • Mismatched jewelry – there is really no matching and pairing required when it comes to Boho jewelry. They don’t come in sets, there is no one thing that all the other pieces revolve on, one piece does not necessarily have to match the other nor do they have to have at least something in common.

boho metal jewelryfeather boho hair piece

Accessorizing with Bohemian jewelry is not really all that difficult, you see. The point of going for a Boho look is to look as natural as you possibly can. If you’ve achieved that then you’re all good.