Lazy Day Looks Any Girl Can Pull Off

As a woman, looking great is one of the things on our list of musts every day. However, you can’t just escape those days when you feel under the weather and you just aren’t in the mood for putting together a really cute outfit. These are the days when you would wish you could be those pretty girls in the movies and on TV who look stylish even at the most inconvenient times (right after waking up, in the middle of the night, after a long and stressful day at work, etc.). If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t let your mood get in the way of you being stylish. Here are our top lazy day looks any girl can pull off.

  • Oversized sweater as a dress – the cold weather can really dampen up your mood and make you feel like you just want to lay in bed all day in your pajamas. However, on some days, this is just not an option for you. On days like this, an oversized sweater can really be a lifesaver. Just put it on and pair it with your favorite boots for an instantly chic and casual look. This is a great look to wear if you have to run errands and get stuff done. In case you want your legs to be extra warm, wear tights or leggings underneath to get the job done.

oversized sweater oversized

  • Graphic tee and jeans – not in the mood to think about which accessories would go well with what outfit? Why not skip accessorizing all together? Don’t worry about your outfit being boring and looking like blah because you can make up for it by wearing a shirt with interesting design and details instead. A cute graphic shirt with lots of colors is enough to brighten up your whole look. Wear it with your best fitting pair of jeans and you’re set for the streets.

tee and jeans

tee and jeans 2 tee

  • Tank top, jacket and yoga pants – this is the ultimate lazy day look. What could be easier than an outfit consisting of a tank top, jacket and yoga pants? This is the ideal outfit for those days when you just want to lounge around but need to run a really quick errand. During summer, you can make this outfit even simpler by skipping the jacket and just going with a tank top and yoga pants. A lot of celebs sport this lazy day looks while off duty.

tank and yoga pants tank

  • Dress – putting together an outfit and making sure that all the pieces look good and cohesive can really be discouraging on lazy days. However, there is an easy way to look stylish even on days when you feel like you’re at your worst and that is to simply don on a dress. Simply slip it on, wear your favorite pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Just because you’re feeling lazy does not mean you have to look sloppy and let the world know you’re not in the mood for playing dress up.

 dress easy dress dress outfit