Leather and Lace Combos We Love

Leather and lace seem to be two very different fabrics that you can wear to achieve very different looks. Leather gives you more of a badass, rock and roll, biker chick kind of vibe while lace makes you look and feel dainty, girly and very feminine. Despite their many differences, though, leather and lace is one of the best fashion combos you can put together to create a wonderfully balanced, stylish and fabulous outfit. Check out these leather and lace combos we love and tell us which one is your fave.

  • Lace top and leather jacket – if you’re looking for the perfect balance between girly and edgy, definitely try wearing a lace top with a leather jacket. This combo is perfect if you want something that’s feminine but not too girly with a little bit of a cool, edgy kick. Wear this combo with jeans for a casual look or with leather pants if you want to go all out on the edgy side.

lace top leather jacket brown leather jacket and lace top

  • Lace dress, leather boots and moto jacket – this has got to be one of my favorite leather and lace combos of all time and I would wear it with every chance I get. A flirty lace dress worn with a badass moto jacket and a pair of sleek leather boots is definitely my kind of outfit for a fun date night. It’s fun, fabulous, it has just the right amount of flirty to it and it will keep you warm all through the night.

moto jacket and lace dress

red moto jacket and lace dress

  • Lace top and leather leggings – leather leggings, to some, are a little uncomfortable but for those of you who love it, here’s a nice outfit combo that you can wear for a fun night out with your friends. Pair your leather leggings with a nice, dainty lace top to create an outfit that’s sexy, teasing yet a little dainty. Finish this leather and lace combo off with a pair of sexy heels and you’re sure to turn head at the party.

leather leggings and lace feather top lace top and leather leggings

  • Lace crop top and leather skirt – skirts and crop tops make a wonderful outfit combo all on their own but incorporating the leather and lace pairing into this combo just makes it a hundred times better! Perfect for a festival look (festivals, by the way, are so happening this spring and summer so better be stocked with outfits for them, right?) or just for your everyday cool and casual outfit, this lace and leather outfit is going to be a definite favorite for spring and summer.

lace crop top leather skater skirt

  • Lace dress and leather jacket – love the look of that lace dress you have in your closet but just not in the mood to wear something too sweet and dainty today? Well then punk it up with a leather jacket to take away from the saccharine vibe of the lace dress. Finish off with boots or flats for a fab  and comfy outfit you can wear anytime.

nude lace dress lace dress overlay and leather jacket

  • Lace maxi and leather – one way to wear leather and lace with a Boho chic theme is to pair a lace maxi skirt or dress with leather boots. Wearing leather boots with a lace maxi skirt ir dress incorporates a cool and edgy look in the conventional Boho chic style and it’s perfect if you’re the type who like mixing and matching different styles into one outfit.

lace maxi and boots blaxk lace maxi and red boots