Leather Pieces for a Sleeker Wardrobe

Leather has always been something that we connect with being fierce, edgy and sexy. Despite it being a great fabric to go for, it’s not exactly something you can wear every single day because 1. the weather won’t always let you and 2. It’s a great idea to invest in leather pieces, though, especially if you’re building a wardrobe that will have you looking stylish all year round. The decision on whether to purchase genuine leather or faux leather items always depends on you. Faux leather, as we all know, is more animal- and environmental friendly but they aren’t worth much unlike real, genuine leather. Here are some leather pieces for a sleek wardrobe that you can start investing in.

  • A leather purse – are you the kind who sticks to one purse for everyday looks? If you are, you might want to consider investing in a nice leather purse to house all of your everyday essentials and more. Leather purses are ideal for everyday use because they’re sturdy and they’re sure to last you a really long time. Get one in a neutral color so you won’t have trouble matching it with your outfits.

LV leather purse

  • Leather jacket – a leather jacket is the perfect piece to reach for if you’re looking for a way to add a fierce vibe to your look. Wear it with a dainty dress to get a perfectly balanced sweet and sexy outfit or go all out on the leather and do a rock and roll chick kind of look.

cool leather jacket outfit black leather jacket

  • Leather pants – leather pants aren’t exactly very comfortable but if you’re looking for a nice piece to give you that subtly seductive vibe, it’s definitely one of the best items in your closet you can trust to get the job done. Can’t stand leather pants? Try faux leather leggings or liquid leggings instead. They look almost exactly like leather pants but they’re way more comfortable.

red leather pants leather pants outfit

  • Leather shoes – they don’t have to be the menswear-inspired lace up kind all the time, you know. Leather shoes can be heels, wedges, flats – anything that would go well with your own personal style. You can wear leather shoes with an outfit that needs some jazzing up and polishing or you can use it to give your look a nice hint of sophistication.

basic red pumps

  • Leather belt – belts have always been a staple in many women’s closets. Whether you actually use them to hold up rather loose-fitting bottoms or just to accentuate the waist, buying at least one leather belt can really help spruce up your wardrobe. Use your leather belt to create a nice contrast against that silk dress or that lace top or wear it with your jeans for a nice casual look.

white romper leather belt leather buckled belt

  • Leather shorts – if you’re like me and you live in nothing else but shorts all day every day, you might want to consider taking your shorts game up a notch by adding a pair of leather shorts to your collection. Leather shorts are great for nights out partying with friends. You can also wear them to add a subtle hint of sex appeal to a daytime look.

tank top and leather shorts printed top leather shorts