Leopard Print Booties – How to Wear Them?

Animal printed accessories are really popular trends with ladies’ fashion and that includes leopard print booties. They are classic and can go with just about any type of outfit but you should bear in mind the limitations to consider.

I mean come on, let’s just face the fact that leopard print booties are very fierce pumps. It brings out the independent woman in you. Celebrities like Shenae Grimes, Jessica Szohr and Kim Kardashian are avid fans of these babies.

leopard booties and jeans

How to wear booties

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Leopard print booties are very in but somehow not all girls know how to wear them without going overboard. Take note, less is more. So with leopard print booties, not only are they perfect when worn with skinny jeans but they go well with black dresses, skirts and pants too!

how to wear leopard print booties

If you simply want to grab some attention, wear your stylish leopard print booties with red dresses and a wide black belt for some accent. Since your shoes are enough to keep eyes on you, we suggest you make the rest of your look especially your accessories simple.

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Night outs, coffee date, casual mall hopping or family get together and events, leopard print booties are a surefire way to give you that much needed gorgeous points on the style meter.

leopard print booties

If you’re hitting the hottest clubs for a night out with your girlfriends, the leopard print shoes are very much perfect when paired with a black dress or if not, black top and stockings would absolutely be fine. A solid and bold bag would work just fine if you want to add a splash of color so as your overall look would not be boring.

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For that vintage look, you can always pair up your leopard print shoes with black velvet shorts and a light colored top or long sleeved blouse. Blacks, reds and white colored outfits aren’t the only tones that can make your leopard print booties look amazing but khaki or beige as well.



I mean, just take a look at Jennifer Lopez, she looks absolutely stunning with her beige colored dress and leopard print booties. You don’t have to skip meals so you can save up enough to score yourself a leopard print booties, because Urban Original offers cheaper alternatives to Christian Louboutin’s skyhigh priced booties.

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The key here is to rock the look even with a knock-off. Once worn with the right outfit, confidence and a fabulous smile, you’ll be a head turner in no time.

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Leopard print boots – stylish street fashion look

leopard print boots

Leopard wedge booties

leopard wedge booties