Long Blonde Hairstyles

Having long blonde hair means you have a gazillion ways to style it up. The possibilities are absolutely endless! All you have to do is keep in mind the shape of your face. In that way, you  will have an idea what look is best for you.

You can take hours to do your blonde hairstyle the perfect way for a party. You can also stay simple and natural with hair flowing over your shoulders. There are plenty of long blonde hairstyles out there you can definitely try. Whether you want to keep it simple or go for a more daring look, you take the pick!

long blonde braided hairstyle

If you want to keep your long blonde hair looking as natural as possible, you might want to try layering your hair on the sides for that fresh and gorgeous look.

long blonde natural hairstyle

Kim Kardashian is a phenomenon in the fashion world nowadays. Although Kardashian changes her hairstyle quite often, she is known for her sexy back-curled tresses/ Here is a picture of Kim Kardashian looking absolutely pretty with her long blonde hair in cascading layers.

kim kardashian blonde hairstyle

If you want to add “oomph” to your hair, messy waves is always a great choice. They are very fashionable especially if you want to change your look.

long blonde messy waves hairstyle

Going on a night out with your girlfriends? No problem! You can simply have your hair straightened and part it in a deep side pattern and let it flow. This look is by all means sexy.

long blonde stylish hairstyle

Layering, curls and waves aren’t the only ones you can have as long blonde hairstyle. In fact,  dyeing and coloring your long blonde hair works too!  You can also use a touch of highlight to add some color to your hair.

long blonde hairstyle with color

You can also combine your colored hair with loose curls for a totally new and chic look. This long blonde hairstyle is prefect when hitting the beach during summer.

colored long blonde hairstyle

You can always look amazing without even trying too hard with loose waves. Loose waves are  cute long blonde hairstyle that are classic and doesn’t need a season to rock.

long blonde hairstyle with color

Adding fringes or soft bangs and loose waves to your long blonde hair is a surefire way to make you look pretty. To look like a princess on a special day you can style your hair by putting it up for extra glamor.

jennifer lawrence long blonde hairstyle

Lastly, for a really glamorous look for your prom or formal events, you can have the top layer of your hair in loose braids and clip them.  Curl the end strands and let them flow to complete the look.

long blonde curly hairstyle