Long and Stylish Bob Hairstyles

If you want to break free from your boring old look, then you might wanna try having a long bob hairstyle. There are plenty of long bob hairstyles to choose from depending on the shape of your face.

The bob is a classic style made famous in the ’20s by women who wanted to show their independence. Since then, the shape of the bob has evolved to include lengths that range from super short to shoulder-grazing. You can always look into magazines or ask your stylist as to what kind of bob suits your face. Below you will find some of long bob hairstyles for inspiration.

long bob hairstyle

You probably already saw a lot of celebrities wearing this trendy hairstyle. It’s because celebrities has a team of people to make sure their hair is properly in place. But for us, it may be a little bit tricky.

heidi klum long bob hairstyle

Wanting to have a long bob hairstyle is no problem, just as long as you know how to maintain it and it fits your face shape. however, it entails proper care. For those with long bob hairstyles and cuts, drying your hair requires a certain effort to keep it looking fresh and stylish.

long layered bob hairstyle

Longer bobs can look  bland if is the style is too blunt. For added dimension, you can have stacked layers at the back. Long layers are essential to accomplishing this look. This effect is obviously pretty.

layered bob hairstyle

You can also have your long bob hairstyle in loose waves and curls for added texture to your hair. In that way, you will look extra gorgeous. This look is perfect for a summery get-up.

long bob curly hairstyle

This cut works on straight and wavy hair . It’s a versatile cut because you can wear it wavy or flat-ironed. Either way, it looks really trendy!

2012 layered bob hairstyle

You can also throw in cute fringes to your long bob hairstyle for added frame to your face. Also, this can highlight the features of your face.

layered bob with bangs

When you opt for the long bob straight hairstyle, you can style it up by having it clipped. It is super sleek and chic, perfect for formal occasions.

layered bob with bangs

 Bangs, layers and curls go perfectly well with long bob hairstyles. But don’t go overboard as it can ruin your hairdo. Just make sure to balance it well so you can look effortlessly elegant.

paula abdul long bob hairstyle

Some women are born with naturally perfect hair that air dries to perfection while everyone else is born with hair that requires a bit more maintenance each day.

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