Looking Fabulous with Feather Hair Extensions

Are you still in doubt whether to wear or not to wear feather hair extensions? When it comes to being fashion-forward, you can count on these accessories to give you that zing you need to any boring look. A lot of celebrities have been seen wearing these accessories. You don’t have to be young to wear feathered hair extensions. These accessories come in different colors, types and lengths. There are the ones that are just discreet, while there are ones that will catch everyone’s attention. Here are some photos of women wearing feather hair extensions.

feathers in hair

When wearing feather locks hair extensions, one must remember to place it where the hair is dense. Do not place it on areas with only thin or baby hairs growing.

Beautiful Hair Extensions

Aside from the straight extensions that you see, there are also curly hair extensions made from feather.

Curly Hair Extensions


Be adventurous when it comes to choosing the color of the hair extension you are going to use. There are different colors that will suit every skin tone and hair color.

Glamorous Feather Hair Extension


The hair extensions also come in different lengths. As for this one on the picture, it has a shorter length. Do not buy hair extensions with similar lengths. When you place your hair extension on the nape, it will seem longer than the one that you place on your crown.

Short Feather Hair Extension


Feather for hair is not only used whenever you want to make a fashion statement. You can also use it as a part of one’s costume during parties or during Halloween.

Wild Feather Hair Extensions


It is not only young women who wear feather hair extensions. There are also lengths and colors that will suit young girls.

Young Lady Feather Extension


Celebrities are bolder when it comes to wearing hair extensions made out of feather.

Bella Thorne contrasts her red locks well with her hair extensions.

Bella Thorne Feather Extensions


Clara Brown has long feather hair extensions which blend nicely with her curly hair.

Clare Brown Feather Extension


Kesha is more adventurous when it comes to the feathers that she puts on her hair.

Kesha Feather Hair Extensions


Selena Gomez is just casual with the hair extension that she placed on her hair.

Selena Gomez Hair Extensions


When wearing these hair extensions, one must remember to install it correctly just like any other hair extension. The microlinks should be very well hidden. If you want to make feather hair extensions, there are kits available in certain stores. However, it would be more convenient to simply purchase from shops or hair salons. All you need is a little courage and creativity to confidently wear the feather hair extensions that suits you the most.

feathers in hair