Lovely Long Sleeved Dresses to Wear on Cold Days

For fashionistas, summer and spring are the seasons to love because it’s so easy to come up with cute outfits to wear everyday during these times. Women who have a very feminine sense of style effortlessly look chic in dresses that are super fab and gorgeous. Once fall comes, though, wearing dresses becomes a bit more difficult to do as you would have to worry about staying warm and comfy despite the colder weather. Good thing there are long sleeved dresses that you can wear to keep you warm on cold days while also making you look gorgeous and stunning. Here are some lovely long sleeved dresses that you can wear on cold days so you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.

  • Long sleeved maxi dresses – maxi dresses are super popular for summer and spring but the long sleeved version of these gorgeous dresses are just to die for! They’re super comfy and very, very stylish and they’re perfect for creating a girly and romantic outfit, especially if you wear one that’s long enough to hit the floor and has a really flowy feel. For fall, you can dress your long sleeved maxi dresses up with a stiletto or any high heeled shoe you fancy but for winter, boots make a wonderful choice for footwear as it makes the whole ensemble edgier while keeping your feet dry and toasty.

maxi maxi dress

  • Long sleeved wrap dresses – wrap dresses are universally flattering but they’re most especially useful to women who have an issue around their tummy / abdomen area. Wrap dresses do a great job at hiding a bulging tummy and the way that the dress is cinched around the waist is perfect for creating the illusion of having an hour glass figure.

wrap dress


  • Long sleeved body con dresses – one of the best things you can do to mix style and comfort on cold days is to layer your clothes to create one stunning ensemble and that’s what long sleeved body con dresses are perfect for. You can wear it underneath a denim jacket for  casual look or underneath a fur waistcoat for a more posh and sophisticated look. A leather jacket and a body con dress results in a seriously sexy outfit while pairing it with a loose cardigan can help you achieve a laid back look.

bodycon bodycon dress

  • Long Sleeved LBD – a little black dress never goes out of style. You can wear it anytime you need to dress up but don’t really have the luxury of time to pick out pieces and mix and match them to create a stunning ensemble. Choose a long sleeved LBD that doesn’t reveal too much skin in other areas to make sure that you’re warm and comfy in it, especially if you’re planning on wearing it for an evening event.

LBD outfit LBD

  • Sweater dresses – sweater dresses are the perfect long sleeved dresses to wear during days when you feel like the cold is going to be unbearable. There are a lot of styles for sweater dresses to choose from and if you’re looking for something that will surely keep you toasty, go for thicker fabric like wool or go for knitted sweater dresses. For a casual look, a sweater dress paired with leggings is perfect.

sweater dress sweater