Makeup Tips for the Office

Ever wonder why your makeup sometimes looks so good before you leave home but the minute you reach the office and look into the mirror on your desk, it doesn’t look so good anymore? While makeup certainly isn’t a requirement in most offices, it certainly helps give you a more pleasant look, especially when you have to deal with clients, customers and other people around you. Sometimes, your makeup will end up looking different at the office that at home and that’s because the lighting in most offices (fluorescent) is rather unforgiving. Luckily for you, you can do your makeup to make it look great under the fluorescent light. Here are some makeup tips for the office that you can use.

  • PRIME TIME – priming is an important step if you’re going to be wearing your makeup under fluorescent lights all day long. Fluorescent lighting can highlight even the smallest imperfection so having a good base for your makeup is important. Use a primer that will help you with your skin issues. If you have oily or oily combination skin, reach for a mattifying primer. Got large pores? Get a pore-filling or pore-erasing primer to help seal those bad boys up and get a more flawless look.

office makeup with cat eye natural and light makeup

  • OPT FOR YELLOW BASED FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER – when choosing a foundation for the office, opt for those with a more yellow base instead of pink. Pink based foundations tend to appear cold and pasty and that’s not what you want if your aim is to look naturally fresh and pretty. Yellow based foundations and concealers, on the other hand will look warm and will help make your skin look healthy and glowing under the harsh fluorescent light.

warm makeup

natural and light makeup warm office makeup

  • ADD COLORS TO WARM UP YOUR FACE – another must-do step to get a warm and healthy look is to wear bronzer and blush. You don’t necessarily have to contour with your bronzer but you will be applying these to certain areas to bring warmth to your face while you blush will give you that naturally flushed look. Do not go for shimmer; the fluorescent light will make you look shinier than what you would expect.

simple makeup red lips kate hudson makeup

  • EYE MAKEUP TIPS – the natural contour and shadowing of the eyes is often enough to provide it with a pretty shape but you can enhance it more with liner and mascara if you wish. Naturally, you’ll want the lightest, most natural looking and most subtle eye makeup for the office so eye shadow can be skipped. However, if you still want to go for some color on your lid, just make sure it isn’t too bright, glittery or shimmery.

matte makeup  look flawless makeuo

  • BROW CLASS – one of the steps you should never skip when doing your makeup is doing your brows. For a makeup look that you can wear to the office, especially one with a fluorescent lighted environment. Matching your eyebrows is always the best way to go but if you want to alter it just a little bit, warm it up with a slightly darker hue.

makeup look light and pretty makeup for the office