Matching His and Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is just a few more days away and if you’re still looking for a gift to give your special someone, look no further because we have you covered. On other days, getting your boyfriend / girlfriend something that’s totally matchy-matchy may seem cheesy, if not even tacky, but on Vale=ntine’s Day, it’s totally acceptable and even considered really sweet and thoughtful. If you want to get you and your partner something that the both of you will enjoy, check out this list of matching his and hers Valentine’s Day gift Ideas.

  • MATCHING JEWELRY – this has to be one of the easiest matching gifts that you can give your other half. Rings are a pretty popular choice for jewelry but if you think that’s too mainstream or you want something a little more unique, you can go for necklaces with matching charms / pendants. If you’re a boy and you have piercings or if you’re a girl and you know your guy has ear piercings anyway then why not get matching earrings? Keep them simple (like studs) so that both of you won’t have any problem wearing it.

jewelry bullet necklace jewelry dog tag necklace jewelry matching watch

  • MATCHING SHIRTS – couple shirts are really popular right now but sometimes, the print on these can be really corny. If you want something that you and your partner can match in, you can choose a simple design from your favorite brand / designer and get those in different sizes that will fit you both. You can also get shirts from different places / stores / brands that have the same design / detail on them.

couple plaid shirt couple shirt korean couple shirt wifey and hubby

  • MATCHING WORKOUT GEAR – love working out with your other half? How about getting yourselves some matching workout gear? These will surely make you feel more excited about working out every time. Obviously, your workout gear aren’t going to match each other’s exactly but you can match colors or get stuff from the same line / collection.

couple workout gear

  • MATCHING SHOES – matching couple shoes are all the rage right now and the biggest names in the athletic shoes department especially have been enjoying the moment. Guys who have girlfriends / wives who are into sneakers are lucky because you can get the exact same shoes as most brands make a line for both men and women. If not, there are also other options like loafers or even dress shoes.

matching red sole shoes matching sneakers

  • MATCHING ACCESSORIES – get matchy matchy on the little details like accessories for a subtle but sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your lover. His and hers accessories like hats, beanies and sunglasses are super cut and they’re far from being too couple-y so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to be too showy.

accessory match accessory and outfit matching