5 Great shops to buy maxi dresses on sale

Where to find maxi dresses on sale

A maxi dress is a great way to look chic and fashionable in the summer without exposing your big belly, heavy hips, and other problem areas. Hide your  belly and hips with  cute summer maxi dress and show off your most beautiful parts! This long, flowy frock is perfect to wear at the beach or at the park with friends. If you want to rock this romantic attire without spending a lot of money, then here are tips on where you can get maxi dresses on sale.


Macy's yellow maxi dress Nicole Richie

At Macy’s department store, or at its online store macys.com, you can purchase cute maxi dresses starting at $19.99 a pop! The shop boasts of frilly frocks for sale as much as 70% off! For under $20, you can get the vibrant One World Dress (original price $78.) Style & Co., Elementz, ECI, NY Collection and Bar III dresses range from $22.99 to $49.99.


Kohl’s is another famous department store where you can score really affordable finds. At the department store, or at kohl.com, you can purchase beautiful maxi dresses for a few dollars. Sonoma life + style maxi dresses are the cheapest at $25, while Apt 9 maxi dresses cost $39.99. Most of the dresses featured in the store are on sale, so you’ll truly have your money’s worth.

maxi dresses

Forever 21 – Pretty maxi dresses on sale

Forever 21 is famous for their cheap yet cute clothes. At the Forever 21 store, or at forever21.com, you can find lovely maxi dresses without burning a hole in your pocket. The Love 21 Flounced Cross back Maxi Dress and the Wavy Striped Maxi Halter Dress just cost $24.80 each. The cheapest is the Style Deals Tiered Flounce Maxi Dress at $15.80 each.

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Boohoo is another funky retail shop where you can find cheap maxi dresses. You can visit any of its stores or drop by its online shop, boohoo.com. Here, you can avail of the Tina Animal & Floral Print Scoop Maxi Dress for $24, and the Cassie Bold Floral Chiffon Maxi dress for $32.

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Flirtcatalog.com   – Cute summer dresses on sale

If you don’t have time to go to the mall to purchase a summer maxi dress, you need not fret because online stores such as flirtcatalog.com can help you shop at the comfort of your own home. At this interactive shop you can score maxi dresses for as cheap as $28. Affordable yet glamorous maxi dresses for sale include the Tank Maxi with Side Cutouts, Slit Sleeve Maxi dress, Maxi dress with lace back, and Blue lace panel boho maxi dress.