Menswear Inspired Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Have you notice something about the trend for women’s fashion lately? It seems like designers are taking so much inspiration from menswear for women’s fashion trends. We’re not complaining. In fact, we love it! The menswear trend for women’s fashion offers a refreshing break from the cloying girly outfits we tend to get so much of, especially in spring. Here are some menswear inspired pieces to add to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a way to take your style game up a notch.

  • Boyish blazer – blazers are a great addition to any wardrobe, be it menswear inspired or not. It makes for a great go-to item if you want something quick and polished. Blazers that have a boyish look to it, though, gives your whole look so much more. Opt for slightly oversized, boxy blazers if you want something to give your look a menswear inspired vibe. You can use a blazer like this to add a masculine touch to a flirty dress or to give a rather dressy look a more casual vibe. Remember not to go for blazers that are too large as this can overwhelm your frame.

boyish blazer outfit boyish blazer

  • Boyfriend jeans – this menswear inspired piece was actually made with a very chic woman in mind. Though others may argue that a pair of boyfriend jeans is too rough and rugged for their feminine closet, these babies can actually look quite fab as long as it’s worn with the right pieces. When wearing boyfriend jeans, you have two choices. You either keep the rest of your outfit girly and cute to get a well-balanced look or you go all out and sport the tomboy style.

bf jeans outfit

bf jeans

  • Lace up leather shoes – your choice of shoes can have an instant effect on your outfit. Menswear inspired shoes such as brogues and other leather lace up type shoes are great for adding a touch of masculinity to any feminine outfit. For a menswear inspired off-duty look, try casual styles like topsiders and oxfords or even sneakers. You’ll find a great variety of these in a lot of shoes stores and some are even designed with girly patterns and colors in case you don’t feel like sporting a very boyish look with them.

shoes shoes outfit

  • Tailored tuxedos – tuxedos are one of the most versatile menswear inspired pieces you can add to a woman’s outfit. You can use it as a stylish, fashion forward alternative for evening wear, you can wear it with most of your work wardrobe pieces, you can use it to man up a girly dress and you can also wear one to add a bit of polished sophistication to a casual outfit. You don’t need the whole tuxedo suit, just a tailored tuxedo jacket is enough to give your look that manly glam.

tuxedo jacket tuxedo outfit

  • Accessories – we know men don’t accessorize as much as we ladies do but that doesn’t mean their accessories are less fab and stylish. One of the easiest way to get the menswear inspired fashion trend for women is to sport men’s accessories with a girly outfit. Chunky watches, simple chain bracelets, bow ties, leather belts – these are just some of the menswear inspired accessories that you can incorporate in your outfit.

accessory accessories