Metallic Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Metallic pieces aren’t exactly the kind you would wear for your day to day but adding a piece of two with a metallic sheen to your outfit can also make your outfit stand out and be more fashion forward. Pulling off metallic pieces can be a little tricky, though. You’ll want to wear the right pieces to get the right futuristic / revolutionary look and not just look tacky and shiny. For spring this year, one of the hottest trends that you’ll see are metallic pieces worn with everyday ordinary outfits. The addition of metallic pieces to a simple outfit can make it really pop when done right. Here are some metallic pieces to add to your wardrobe now to get in on the metallic trend for spring.

  • Metallic shoes – metallic shoes are one of the things that you can wear with your day to day outfits easily without too much risk of making your whole look seem tacky just because shoes are a just a tiny part of your outfit and people are used to seeing fashionistas rock statement shoes all the time. Because of this, don’t be afraid to go all out on wearing metallic shoes. Sport a pair that’s fully metallic for an eye catching look but if you want to keep it subtle, go for a pair that has subtle metallic design details.

pointy metallic heels sassy metallic flats

  • Metallic suit – feeling bold and adventurous? Why not sport something that will surely make heads turn? Suits are often simple and they’re one of the staples in most women’s work wardrobe but if you want to rock something fun and frisky, try wearing a metallic suit paired with other street style items. This look is the perfect way to get in on the futuristic trend and it’s also a really playful way to make a statement with your outfit. Whether you’re having your suit tailored or buying it ready to wear, opt for one made from a fabric with a subtle metallic sheen and not made from fabric that’s super shiny or shimmery.

futuristic metallic suit

metallic short suit

  • Metallic skirt – a metallic skirt is something you can wear if you’re torn between sporting a futuristic look and your regular dainty and girly style. Choose a metallic pencil skirt or a metallic A-line skirt if you want something dressier and fancier or go for metallic maxi skirts or miniskirts if you’re going for a more casual / street style vibe. Pair your metallic skirt with pieces made from different fabric/ material such as denim or leather if you want to tone the sheen down a bit.

doily miniskirt metallic plain silver metallic skirt

  • Metallic dress – not every woman is bold enough to wear metallic from head to toe but if you’re one of the few adventurous ones who like taking risks, wearing a metallic dress may just be what you need to satisfy your craving for a new fashion adventure. Metallic dresses are perfect for parties and for other festive occasions.

pink mini dress beaded metallic dress

  • Metallic blazer – if you’re the kind who likes to spice things up with your work wardrobe, perhaps you’ll find a metallic blazer really appealing for your sense of style. Wear it on top of your regular work outfits for instant glam. It can easily take you from day to night, too!

silk top and metallic blazer cropped metallic blazer