Mix Print Combos to Wear this Spring

Spring is coming in a few days and the double print (also called the print on print) trend is still one of the hottest and biggest trends in fashion. Mixing and matching prints is easy if you know how to do it right. Otherwise, it could just end up in a disastrous look. If you’re planning on  trying out this trend or if you’re simply looking for inspiration on which print would look good with what, check out these ideas for mix print combos to wear this spring.

  • FLORAL AND STRIPES OUTFIT – florals are a staple when it comes to prints for spring. Sometimes, though, wearing just floral prints can make your outfit look more dainty and girly than you want. To make it less so and more neutral but still chic and stylish, mix up your florals with stripes.

floral and stripes top floral and stripes floral skirt and striped top

  • ANIMAL PRINT AND STRIPES – another print design that goes really well with stripes is the animal print. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cheetah, leopard or tiger print – anything animal print is sure to add that fierce and sexy vibe to your look. Any time you feel a little overwhelmed by the animal print, though, you can tame it down by wearing it with some stripes.

animal print and stripes animal print and stripes outfit animal print shoes and stripes shirt

  • POLKA DOT AND PLAID – plaid may be something you usually wear only during fall but mix it up with some polka dots and see how it instantly transforms into something spring-friendly. The combination of polka dots and plaid is one of my personal favorites. There’s something about straight lines and circles that I find so oddly satisfying and aside from that, it really looks cute too.

polka dots and pink plaid polka dots and plaid polka dots in pink and blue plaid

  • HOUNDSTOOTH AND LEOPARD – houndstooth print is something you usually see more of during wintertime. The black and white jagged squares somehow always reminds us of the cold weather but there are ways to make it work for spring as well. One would be to wear your houndstooth print pieces in colors other than black and white and the other is to mix it up with something a little bolder and more fun like leopard print. This print combo is perfect for creating a fierce and sexy look.

houndstooth and leopard

  • NOVELTY AND STAPLE – looking for a quick and easy route to an outfit that’s both stylish and quirky? All it takes is one part novelty print and one part staple print to get there. Go for a whimsical print like animals, food, abstract or whatever else you fancy and pair it up with a staple print like florals, stripes or dots.

novelty print shirt and plaid skirt novelty print outfit novelty print and florals