Most Flattering Dress Styles for Different Body Figures

Being confident with your body and what you wear is the key to looking and feeling good all of the time. Shopping for new dresses is very exciting but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when every single dress you attempt to try on doesn’t look, feel and fit right. This is a common dilemma for women who are not aware of what dress styles work with their body figure and what dress styles don’t. Knowing what dress styles are flattering for you can save you loads of time and energy (sometimes even money) when shopping and it also helps turn every shopping trip into a success. Read on below to see what the most flattering dress styles are for all body types / figures.

  • Wrap dress – a wrap dress is something every woman should have in their closet no matter what their body type or figure is. Wrap dresses are universally flattering which makes it a closet must-have for any woman. If there’s anything to consider about wearing wrap dresses, it would be the length and that is so much easier to decide on than what type of dress to wear.

wrap dress wrap dress outfit

  • Maxi dress – a maxi dress has a dainty and girly feel to it, thanks to the dress’s length and its flowy movement. Most maxi dresses have an empire waist cut which is perfect for anyone who want to hide a bulging tummy or some muffin tops. Generally, anyone can wear this dress style but it looks most flattering on women with the rectangle body figure.

maxi dress outfit

maxi dress

  • Baby doll dress – baby doll dresses are super comfy to wear and they’re very cute, too. You can wear these dresses on their own or you can also pair them with shorts. Baby doll dresses are perfect if you want something easy, laidback and casual. Another great thing about the baby doll dress is that it looks good on all body figures.

baby doll dress baby doll dress outfit

  • Sheath dress – sheath dresses are form fitting dresses that often come only in solid color and with minimal to no embellishments or whatsoever. They’re very posh and sophisticated and can be used for semi-formal to formal occasions. Women who have the hourglass body figure should definitely get themselves a sheath dress because this dress style can help emphasize your sexy and shapely curves. Women with the ruler body figure can also wear this dress style but they would need accessories to add and create the illusion of a curvy waist.

sheath dress outfit sheath dress

  • Shift dress – a shift dress can also be called a Trapeze dress and these dresses are generally shapeless which makes them a great option for women with the apple and pear body figure as it can help conceal a heavy bottom (mid to lower mid section). This dress style can also be an option for women with an hourglass body figure but it tends to conceal their shapely curves.

shift dress outfit shift dress

It’s important to know how to dress your figure so that you have an easier time shopping for dresses and clothes and it also helps you be more confident knowing that what you’re wearing flatters your figure instead of flaws it.