Most Popular DIY Fashion Ideas

DIYing a lot of your old clothes and whatnot is a really fun and creative way of bringing life to items that you thought could no longer be used. It’s something that will really get your creative juices going and is really practical for when you’re on a tight budget as DIYing is far cheaper than shopping for new clothes. Some of the most popular DIY ideas require only a few things as well as some basic sewing skills so anyone can do them. DIY ideas are very useful for turning old items into new ones. This holiday season, why not save up some cash by engaging yourself in DIY projects? You can make DIY gifts for friends and family or you can also make them for yourself. Here are some of the most popular DIY fashion ideas we found:

  • DIY cap toe shoes – cap toe shoes have become extremely popular this year so why not make your own out of an old pair of shoes you rarely now use? You can use flats, heels, or boots, anything as long as they cover the feet including the toes. All you do is tape the section that you don’t want painted and leave the area where you want the cap toe bare. Paint the bare area, let dry and peel tape off to reveal your new pair of gorgeous shoes.

DIY cap toe diy cap to shoes outfit diy cap toe shoes

  • DIY Embellished shirt – a plain shirt may be a classic and timeless wardrobe piece but if you have one too many, wearing a plain one all the time can be really boring. Spice up your wardrobe and add an element of lavish fun by embellishing your shirt. You can use beads, stones, gems, crystals and other embellishments that you like to add to your shirt. A patterned embellishment can look really cute and posh but if you aren’t good with sticking to patterns, randomly scattering the embellishments will also work for an abstract design.

embellihed shirt outfit embellished shirt

  • DIY lace shorts – lace shorts are always on the top of the list when it comes to DIY fashion ideas and we all know why: it’s chic and super easy to do! DIY lace shorts can be done with denim shorts but other fabrics can be used too like leather, cotton or even tweed. Adding lace to your shorts gives it a very feminine and romantic feel without making it lose its casual look.

denim lace shorts denim lace denim lace shorts outfit

  • DIY elastic hair ties – have you seen those elastic hair ties that celebs like Kendall Jenner and Kirsten Cavallari have been raving about? These hair ties are made from elastic bands which are folded over and then knotted to form a loop. The reason why many women are going gaga over these hair ties is because they’re creaseless meaning they won’t leave that nasty crease on your hair after a long day of wearing it in a ponytail. Fancy, huh? Well, it is. Especially with the price tag that it comes with. Can you believe how crazy expensive these elastic hair ties are? Well, your $10 would be good for a pack of 3. Why would you spend so much on something you can make for less?

elastic hair ties elastic