Must Have Hats for Fall

Sometimes, despite being all bundled up in layers of clothes, you still get cold. If you can’t afford to add any more bulk to your silhouette with another layer of clothes, you can always get extra warmth from functional accessories instead like a hat. Hats are great, not just for covering up a bad hair day or for adding that oomph to your look but also for adding warmth to your outfit so you can look fab and feel cozy. Here are some of the hottest and most gorgeous must have hats for fall.

  • Floppy hat – a floppy hat is something you can wear and instantly transform your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s something that you can rely on to add that sophisticated touch to any look, no matter how plain or simple it is. Wear it with a trench coat to get the posh look of an East Hamptonite look or with an oversized and overly dramatic cape to recreate one of the most popular looks from this year’s Fashion Week front rows.

floppy hat and colorful cape gorgeous floppy hat for fall beige floppy hat

  • Rancher hat – add a little bit of the homey, cozy country feel to your look by topping off your outfit with a rancher hat. Add a zing of urban flare to it by opting for a leather rancher and wearing it with leather booties or keep it traditional and go for the regular rancher hat. If you want to go all out on the country look, I would suggest pairing it up with a plaid shirt and some cowboy boots. Either way, I’m pretty sure both are going to look fabulous with your casual fall looks.

leather rancher hat rancher hat fall outfit maroon rancher hat

  • Cloche – need something to complete your retro-inspired fall look? A cloche may just be what your wardrobe needs. This hat can be worn with any outfit on its own if you want a subtle retro vibe to your look or you can wear it with a full-on retro inspired outfit to really nail the look to a T.

fabulous clochec outfit mod cloche hat alexa chung cloche outfit

  • Chunky knit beanie – beanies are a staple in every woman’s fall closet. It’s something that you can’t miss buying or wearing at least once every time the temps start to drop. The chunkier the knit, the warmer your beanie is, of course. There are also so many new cute and pretty designs emerging when it comes to beanie hats, from simple pompom tipped ones to character beanies and fun patterned knit beanies.

super chunky beanie hat gray beanie hat cute beanie hat

  • Fedora – last on this list is a fedora. It’s simple, it’s easy to wear and it’s super chic and stylish, too. It never fails to add that snazzy look to your outfit and it goes really well with a variety of looks. Wear it to dress up a dull outfit or to simply add that much needed bit of sophistication and polish to any outfit.

black fall fedora white fedora hat fall fedora hat