Must Have Summer Shoes

It’s amazing how time flies by so fast. Not too long ago, we were just waiting for winter to end so we can enjoy spring and now we’re nearing summer. In just a few weeks, we’ll be enjoying even warmer temps which make it the most perfect time to hit the beach and just go on lazy days. As with all other seasons, we do at least a slight bit of change with our wardrobes to accommodate the weather and make sure we’re always both stylish and comfortable and for summer, it’s all about being light, simple and chic. Now, you may already have your summer clothes figured out but what about your summer shoes? In case you’re still looking to complete your shoe collection for the season, check out these must have summer shoes that you should definitely add to your shoe selection.

  • Flip flops – they’re technically not shoes but they’re the ultimate summer footwear so if you don’t already have a ton of these in your collection, go out and buy a pair or two because, I promise you, you are going to need them for summer. Flip flops are so light you can practically wear them anytime and anywhere. They have a very easy and casual vibe and they just add that ‘summery feel’ to your outfit instantly.

cute casual outfit flip flops and romper

  • Sneakers – if there’s one thing that I love about dressing up for summer, it is that for a while we can forget about the sassy heels and just go with something more comfortable like a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are your best bet if you want something comfortable to go with your summer street style looks. You can wear them with just about anything from pants to leggings to skirts, shorts and dresses.

fun summer outfit

sneaker wedge and shorts

  • Ballerina flats – on those days when you still want to look dainty and girly, though, and still get the comfort of skipping heels, you can opt for ballerina flats. Ballerina flats now come in a plethora of styles and designs so you’re sure to find one that will go perfectly well with most, if not all, of your summer outfits.

casual red flats cute floral flats

  • Wedges – if you’re a petite girl who likes wearing heels to boost her height, there’s something comfy for you this summer too: wedges! Wedges give you the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style plus it also helps make you look taller. It offers more support compared to heels and they’re very easy to walk in. If you love walking tall, definitely look into adding a few pairs of wedges to your summer shoe collection.

nude wedge shoes cute wedge outfit

  • Thong sandals – show off your sexy feet by wearing thong sandals. They’re super chic and they’re perfect for summer. They go well with shorts, skirts and dresses the best so if those are in your summer wardrobe, definitely get a pair or two of thong sandals. Make sure your feet look their best before you put them on so you can show them off to the world without hesitation.

street style outfit summer sandals and skirt