Must Have Winter Clothes for Layering

Because the winter season is almost here, colder days are about to begin. This means you need to update your closet again and make way for chunkier, warmer pieces to help you get through the season without freezing and catching a cold. However, getting warm and cozy on chilly days and nights don’t just mean wearing oversized wool knit sweaters and sweatpants. Thanks to layering, looking good and feeling warm for winter is never too difficult. Here are some of the must have winter clothes you will need for layering:

  • Skinny jeans – because layering clothes can sometimes add a little bit of bulk on your upper half, it is important that you balance it out with a lean and slim silhouette at the bottom and skinny jeans are perfect for doing that. Skinny jeans are very versatile and can be worn from day to night as long as you pair them with the right things.

skinny jeans outfit skinny jeans

  • A cashmere sweater – if you want something that will keep you warm and will go with most of your outfits, go for a cashmere sweater in a neutral color. This will let you wear other pieces underneath and over it without being too bulky.


cashmere cropped navy sweater

  • Long sleeve shirt made with light material – it’s important that you don’t over-layer otherwise you’ll end up sweaty and hot. Make sure to stock up on long sleeve shirts that are made from light and breathable fabrics to allow you to layer other pieces on comfortably. Because they’re made of light fabric, you’ll also be able to use them on their own for the warmer seasons.

long sleeve striped shirt long sleeve shirt

  • A chambray button down – if you think that white button downs are too mainstream, then you should try chambray. This fabric looks like denim but it feels like linen and best of all, it goes well with every single thing in your closet. It’s also lightweight which makes it ideal for layering.

chambray shirt chambray

  • A bright coat – during winter, we tend to gravitate towards black pieces which has been the norm for as long as we can remember. To make your outfit more interesting, add on a pop of color by wearing a bright colored coat on top of an all black ensemble or on top of any outfit that you think needs a splash of color to it.

bright yellow coat bright orange coat

The key to successful layering for winter is to pick one piece of clothing that’s heavy, warm and cozy and then keep the rest lightweight. Do not feel compelled to limit your layers to only 2 tiers. As long as you’re comfortable with it, you can keep going.  It’s also important that you pick pieces that will allow you to wear them from day to night with only a few tweaks and modification. Remember these and you’ll be layering like a pro this winter.