New and Modern Outfit Ideas for Car Wash Skirts

We all know that this year was the reincarnation of the popularity of fringe. So many fringe outfits and pieces have emerged in the fashion runway for fashion houses’ Spring and Summer 2015 collections. And there is not one single doubt that it will not stay for the fall and winter. But with Dior’s Fall 2015 collection leading the front lines, we are surprised with the emergence of a different kind of fringe–the thicker kind of fringe. And the most common piece with such fringe? Car wash skirts.

car wash skirt tweed and shirt

One of the many gorgeous outfits with car wash skirt in Dior’s Fall 2015 collection

The trend of car wash skirts peaked around the ’90s and where pleats was an easy preppy piece, car wash skirts were the definition of sophistication at the time. Car wash skirts give a flattering look to your legs no matter what kind of body type you have. The skirt has slits in panels that gives an automatic feminine feel to your outfit. And even if it’s not yet rising in trends as of the moment, widely known designers and brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta and of course, Christian Dior has incorporated this chic piece to their 2015 fall collections. So why not, right?

Here are some new and modern outfit ideas for car wash skirts that you might want to try out now.

  1. Create an easy and comfortable office outfit with car wash skirt by pairing it with a crisp short sleeved blouse and sleek strapped sandals. My advice is to go all-out sleek with your outfit, maybe have a car wash skirt made of leather. This way, the thick fringes themselves gives a lot of femininity to the outfit.
    car wash skirt office outfit
  2. Put on a thick large sweater and a maxi car wash skirt with slits all the way to the top. It’s even more fabulous if the skirt is in a bold print. The girl below made an excellent choice in what shoes to wear, wearing a neat white sneakers because it adds a lot to the casualness of the outfit without loosing the chicness to it.
    carwash skirts sweatshirt and sneakers
  3. This getup of bold printed blouse matched with a lightweight black car wash skirt and a bright heels is an ideal date outfit for the summer. The abstract prints of the blouse with hues of pink, purple and red and the bold colored heels gives off a flirty and playful feel while the neutral colored car wash skirt tones them down with a romantic vibe.
    car wash skirt bold printed top and sandals
  4. This maxi car wash skirt is so great as a swimsuit cover up and the pleated slits gives such an amazing statement to the skirt. You can also wear a form-fitting crop top on the top half and you’d still have a fabulous and easy summer outfit.
    car wash maxi skirt
  5. A very easy everyday look with car wash skirt is by pairing it to a cute tank top and a pair of sandals. You could never go wrong with this outfit.
    car wash skirt tank top and sandals
  6. When sporting an all-out black or white outfit, donning a car wash skirt will add enough texture to the attire and you want that. While not entirely imperative, texture is something you want to consider putting in a monochromatic outfit so as not to make the ensemble too boring and bland.
    car wash skirt leather
  7. You can also construct the “contrasting material” scheme with car wash skirt by putting on one that is made of something lightweight and breezy like cotton and matching that skirt with a top made of heavier material such as leather jackets and denim.
    car wash skirt light and leather jacket
  8. If you are not yet ready to show that much legs in this thick fringe hemlined skirt, there are car wash skirts with a layer underneath or you could wear a skirt underneath yourself. You’d still be able to wear car wash skirt and keep modest.
    carwash mini skirt
  9. Otherwise, you can also have a car wash skirt wherein instead of slits in the pleats, there are sheer underlay. It’s super cute and sophisticated and sexy at the same time.
    car wash skirt sheer