Novelty Prints for A Personality-Packed Wardrobe

If you’re starting to get bored of mainstream prints and patterns and you’re looking for something new to spice up your look and your wardrobe, why not try going for novelty prints? These are less common and definitely more interesting that your regular run-of-the-mill prints and patterns that you usually see every day. Novelty prints can range anywhere from cutesy little cat silhouettes to full on graphic designs. Check out these cute novelty prints for a personality-packed wardrobe below and pick your faves!

  • HEDGEHOG PRINT– one of the things that make novelty prints cute and charming is the fact that they’re there without rhyme or reason. They’re surprising and unpredictable, just like these hedgehog print sweaters. Who would’ve thought something as random as hedgehogs would look so cute and, quite frankly, so chic? Even if you’re not a hedgehog lover yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll want a sweater with this cute little print.

cute hedgehog sweater hedgehog print sweater fun pink hedgehog sweater

adorable hedgehog sweater

  • FOOD – you know what’s another crazy trend right now? Food printed on your clothes. And not just that, some are in 3D too! Everything – from sushi to dumplings to donuts, sandwiches to cupcakes to burgers – is printed in 3D and is being worn as a cute statement by foodie fashionistas. Some even come with a hilarious statement at the back or in front that says “R.I.P DIET”. Ha! And you though Katy Perry was crazy for dressing up as food all the time.

burger sweater cupcake printed sweater donut print sweater cute donut shirt outfit

  • COLORFUL GEOMETRIC PATTERN – forget about the boring black and white geometric pattern you have on that shirt that’s now sitting at the back of your closet. Today, colorful geometric patterns are everything. This print pattern design is perfect for those who are looking for a way to incorporate lots of colors into their look without going overboard.

colorful geometric outfit givenchy geometric pattern eye catching print pattern pretty pattern design

  • ANIMAL SILHOUETTE – animal prints like zebra and leopard are really chic, especially for fall. However, these may be too ‘mature’ if you’re aiming for an easy look with a casual,  relaxed vibe. Instead of going for animal prints, why not go for animal silhouette prints? These are very interesting to look at and they definitely make great conversation starters.

horse silhouette print horse silhouette kourtney kardashian black and gold animal silhouette black and white bird silhouette

  • POP ART – pop art is having such a huge moment in the beauty and fashion industry right now and what better way to get in the trend than to wear pop art printed pieces on your outfit? Relive your childhood days with comic book character-inspired shirts, skirts and dresses. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of adorable dorky quirkiness to any look.

cute pop art coat omg pop art sweater cute and colorful pop art t shirt pop art skirt pop art cluthc