Old Things You Can Revive with Glitter

We all love to shop for new stuff every time we have the chance but always buying new stuff doesn’t only mean having exciting new stuff to wear, it also means that something old in your closet has to sit at the back to give way to new ones. If you’ve done some closet purging lately, you may have had some major ‘throwback’ moments when you saw some of your old stuff that you already forgot about and I’m pretty sure not all of those old things sitting unused are unusable. So, what do you usually do when you find out about old, unused clothes or accessories in your closet? Do you donate them to charity? Hand them down to friends / sisters / cousins? Or do you throw them away to free up some space? Why don’t you breathe new life into old stuff instead so you can reuse them? Glitter always makes things pretty so you can use that. Here are some ideas on old things you can revive with glitter.

  • Collared shirt – got an old collared shirt that you no longer wear but is still in great condition? Why not do something to make it look good again? All you need are fabric glue and glitters. Spread fabric glue on the collar of your shirt and sprinkle some glitter on until the collar gets full coverage. Shake off the excess and you’re good to go! You can paint clear fabric glue over the glitter to lock it in and secure it better so the glitter stays on even when you wash it.

fun glitter collar glitter collared shirt

  • T-shirt pocket – t-shirts are one of the things that we buy the most because they’re great staples that you can use every day and they’re wonderful for layering too. If you’ve accumulated t-shirts over the years and you have some that you no longer use but still fit you, why not turn them into something you can wear again? Create a pocket patch, cover it in glitter and sew it on to your shirt to take an old shirt from drab to fab. You can also do this with tank tops.

glitter pocket on shirt

t shirt pocket with glitter

  • Denim pocket patch – glam up an old pair of denim shorts or pants by using the same idea above but applying it on the pocket patches at the back of your pants. Adding glitters to the pocket patch of your denim shorts / pants is a great way to make old pants look fabulous.

denim glitter pocket

  • Pouches – pouches are super convenient which is why we tend to always tend to buy them on impulse when we see one with a cute design. There’s always something you need on the go that you can put in pouches: makeup, keys, cards, money, travel size products, your phone, a hairbrush, some gum and other miscellaneous items. Old pouches tend to look a bit shabby and run down after some time though and leather ones tend to chip. Cover up shoddy-looking pouches in glitter and watch them go ugly to glamorous in an instant!

chunky glitter on pouch

cute glitter pouch

  • Shoes – shoes are the easiest to revive with glitter and there are so many designs that you can do with just a pair of old shoes, some glitter and some glue. You can do a cap toe glitter design, you can cover the heels with glitter, the soles with glitter for a flirty peek a boo look or you can also choose to just cover the whole shoe in glitter for a really eye catching, shiny new pair of statement shoes.

pink shoes gold glitterpurple glitter platforms zara glitter sandals