One Shoulder Dresses to Choose From

Want a Goddess of Beauty look? Well, the popular Venus cut in one shoulder dresses may just be the style for you. Gone were the days when dresses have both sleeved shoulders because one shoulder dresses are really very sexy and stylish. You can actually wear one shoulder dresses on the right or left side, but most of the designs are right-sided. Colors are also not a problem because most colors go with women’s one shoulder dresses.

One shoulder dresses can fit anyone, but make sure to have a sexy shoulders if you want a glamorous look. Here are the top one shoulder dress designs that you can choose for your formal, casual and other events.

Black One Shoulder Dress

Black one shoulder dresses, just like your little black dress, fit most occasions. This knee length dress is an icon of true beauty because the style of the dress will not make you look good if you are not confident about yourself. Match this black one shoulder dress with cool accessories to add highlights to the plain black dress.

Black one shoulder dresses

Make your one shoulder black dress more stylish with this dress design.

Chic one shoulder dresses

White One Shoulder Dress

Like black, white also fits all dress designs. This white chiffon dress with longer one shoulder sleeve is best for formal parties such as weddings. Pair it with an elegant white pump and a red clutch bag for a classy look.

White one shoulder dresses

Cute One Shoulder Dresses

For girls, these one shoulder dresses are the right ones to reveal a younger style. These one shoulder dresses reveal a modern princess look.

One shoulder dresses

Body Con One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dresses can also have a body con design. Add glamor to your body con dress by having a one shoulder design rather than a tube or strapped dress.

One Shoulder cocktail dresses

Casual One shoulder Dresses

Hit the streets and stores with this casual one shoulder dress perfect for a fresh look.

Casual one shoulder dresses

Chiffon one shoulder cocktail dresses are best for casual events as well. Beat the monotony of plain designs with these floral-inspired chiffon dress. The style is different from other dresses in that the one sided sleeve extends with the length of the dress.

Chiffon one shoulder dress

One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

You can also give your wedding dress a chic touch by adding one shoulder design. This creates a more feminine look to your tube wedding dress.

One shoulder wedding dresses

One Shoulder Prom Dresses

An overlapping one shoulder dress adds touch to a convenient tube dress. Choose  bolder colors like this one to have a classy look on your prom night.

One shoulder prom dresses

Aside from great designs, one shoulder dresses can also be matched with various hair styles. Let your hair fall back, tie in a pony or create a low beautiful bun for a prettier get up.

One shoulder dress hair designs

One shoulder dresses have proven that they are also versatile as much as other dress styles are.