12 Outfit Ideas on Wearing Velvet for the Holidays

Holidays are just one of those occasions that every fashion fans are excited for. This is the time that we can get to wear fancy clothes and dressy fabrics in everyday outfits and get away with it. One of these fabrics is velvet. Velvet is simply a glossy and fancy textile that is perfect for the winter holidays as well as for the seasons of fall and winter as a whole.

That’s why I give you these 12 holiday-ready outfit ideas on wearing velvet for fall and winter.

1. Velvet is a very smooth and slippery fabric. That’s why wearing a piece of loose clothes in velvet, like this loose long sleeved top, is just simply perfect. Pair and accessorize it with structured and tailored pieces like this leather car wash skirt and crossbody bag.

burgundy velvet top

2. You could also go for a more casual look and balancing out the sultry essence of velvet with a more dressed down print like floral.

gray velvet top and floral pants

3. With its sultry and seductive atmosphere, velvet is the perfect fabric to wear for the winter holidays date nights.

velvet dress

4. You can also wear a velvet dress for the office. But be sure to go for a more simple silhouette rather than the dressy ones you would use for date nights.

velvet dress blue

5. Put a more dressed up spin on your overall outfit by wearing a velvet crop top underneath. This makes overalls wearable in occasions or events that you wouldn’t think to wear them like in the club or in the office.

crop top velvet

6. Create a ladylike look with a fitted long sleeve crop top and pair it with a full midi skirt for a wonderful outfit for any formal events.

black velvet crop top

7. Put a fancy spin on your outerwear for this winter holidays by donning a velvet jacket that will not only keep you warm and cozy throughout the day but also on point stylish.

velvet blazer

8. Create a feminine street style look by donning a velvet kimono that can create just enough statement for any street style outfit you will have.

velvet kimono jacket

9. Don’t have your velvet piece overshadowed by anything else. Let it be the centerpiece of your entire ensemble by pairing it with basic clothes in neutral colors.

velvet midi skirt

10. Here’s another style you can pull off with velvet: preppy for the winter holidays. When wearing mini skirts, it’s best to slip on a pair of tights.

velvet mini skirt

11. Spice up your usual pants for work by donning one that is made of velvet. It’s a subtle change but can affect your overall outfit hugely.

velvet skinny jeans

12. Take your holiday outre look to a whole different level. Slip on a pair of wide leg velvet pajama pants that screams sloppily stylish. This is great for those times in holidays when dressing up just takes too much time and effort and you’re too lazy to do so.

velvet wide leg pants