Outrageous and Chic Polka Dot Tights

What to wear with polka dot tights?

Are you on a tight budget; yet, you committed yourself to attend a very dear friend’s wedding day? If so, this humble piece of writing can be of big help to you. Why spend an extra penny out of your wallet when you can think of new stunning ways to wear your old clothing item?

Stretching out your money a little further is one way of winning the game of fashion.

Don’t you know that ankle tights with polka dot pattern on them can be worn over and over again (but in a very unique way)? You might already know its versatility, ladies. Moreover, you can put this item on for work, weekend travel and even special occasions like weddings and engagements.

ankle tights

Furthermore, here is a list of outfits that you can wear with baby polka dot tights.

First in the list are the scalloped shorts and a sheer lace top. This outfit combo is highly feminine. Consequently, no woman can resist the idea of trying this outfit on.  If you desire to add a little contrast, you can opt for a military inspired vest that is trendy enough to make you look stunning in spite of the added masculinity spice on your overall get up.

baby polka dot tight

For a final touch, grab a pair of black biker boots and get ready to rock a casual outdoor date with a suitor or a lover.

Second, experiment with a mishmash of printed or floral skirt over adult striped tights and a chunky sweater.

adult striped tights

To augment the style that you desire to create, add a studded layered necklace and some harmonizing accessories such as metallic bangles and dangling earrings. This look is elegant especially for a winter travel. This can also be wonderful as a outfit for work.

Third; if doesn’t love those daring and bold outfit tips above, you can always go for a classic yet contemporary get up. Go for an oversize blazer or cardigan that stays on top of your butt.

back seam tights

This way, you are securely concealing your gem. Moreover, you are steering clear from the notion of attracting the attention of undesirably bad guys.

Hide what needs to be concealed. Boast what needs to show off. That’s a rule of the thumb.

Wear it with a pair of ankle- heeled boots, aviator sunglasses, a hat and matching accessories that will make you look elegant and simple in the social gathering that you are planning to attend.

One thing folks! Never stuff yourself with too much accessories. Or else, you will look like a fortune teller.

baby purple tights

It is never tough to search for the stunning pieces of polka dot tights to put on for a particular event.  Baby purple tights as well as back seam tights are always made available in the fashion market today.

Happy picking!