Modern Oversized Sunglasses – Celebrity Style

Oversized sunglasses are stylish and have become so popular, you can spot almost every celebrity wearing an oversized sunglass. These sunglasses attract a lot of attention and they look trendy and sexy too. Wearing these kind of large sunglasses makes you look stylish, and you’ll make the guys turn around look at your stylish look.


Christina Aguilera was found wearing a large sized black square sunglass that matched her black jacket and was a perfect blend to her blonde hair, red lipstick and short curly hair, she looked like a sexy mom.

Christina Aguilera sunglass

Heidi Klum was wearing a black and burgundy double shaded rectangular sunglass with a black frame that looked perfectly in match with her black coat, black handbag, and black pant, she had matched it so well that it looked so attractive and good looking.

Heidi Klum double shade sunglass

Black oversized sunglass with a trendy white frame looked so sexy and cool and Jayde Nicole looked awesome in her trendy sunglass with lifted up collar black coat, black pant and a high ponytail. She looked so hot and white frame was a standout.

Jayde Nicole white frame sunglass

Brown sunglasses are one of the favorite color besides black and is most commonly used by many people and Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a round brown oversized sunglass with a metal rim edges, that matched her fon color tee shirt, and large ring earring. The round sunglass fitted perfectly well, making her looking hot.

Jennifer Lopez oversized sunglass

Katie Holmes clear frame over size wine color sunglass looked chic and was apt for her green and red checked shirt, tight blue jean and a large brown belt, the perfect fitting shirt and sunglass made it perfect looking.

Katie holmes with clear frame sunglass

Retro sunglasses are back into fashion list and Kim Kardashian wore a black retro sunglass and a black dress, with long flowing hair that looked sexy with just a simple beads bracelet and a minimal make up.

kim Kardashian retro sunglass

Paris Hilton looked awesome in her yellow jumpsuit and an oversized white frame sunglass with matching white handbag complimented her sunny yellow dress, making it look cute and glamorous, additionally the yellow knot headband added on to the beauty of the yellow dress.

Paris Hilton with Oversized Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham’s Black sunglass and the black dress with a fur overcoat looked stunning and trendy making her look fashionable.

Victoria Beckham sunglass

Eva Mendes with her brown oversized sunglass and brown printed top with white skirt and handbag looked super cool.

Eva Mendes Sunglasses

These kind of oversized sunglasses are not meant for celebrities alone, you can also wear these kind of trendy sunglasses and make yourself look glam and hot.