Cute Party Dresses for Women

Parties are a lot of fun, no matter if it’s a celebration party or just a party to have a good time. Since there are a lot of people at parties, women like to dress up and look good. Most of the time, the problem comes in when women can’t decide on what to wear. Although it may seem irrational, women like to buy new clothes every time they get invited to a party and this is okay as long as what you buy is something you can wear for other occasions as well.

We’ve come up with some cute party dresses for women in hopes that you will find inspiration on what kinds of dresses to buy and wear for the next time you get invited to a party. Of course, a different kind of party calls for a different kind of dress as well.

Take the blazer off and you’re ready to party!

corporate little black dress

Little black dress – if there’s one kind of dress that should be a staple in any girl’s closet, it’s the little black dress. No matter what style or design the dress has, as long as it has a great fit on you, it should be in your closet. You’ll never know when you will get invited to a party and your little black dress will be your saving grace on days when you’re too broke, too lazy or just too busy to go shopping for a new dress.

A must-have for all girls: LBD

little black dress

Maxi Dress – a daytime party during the summer is a perfect reason to wear those cute maxi dresses. Most maxi dresses are made of cotton or jersey so it allows you to stay cool despite the summer heat. It’s also very stylish and comes in different designs and styles that allow you to choose one that will flatter your assets best.

The right style of maxi dress can add some height to your overall look

teal maxi dress

Mini Dress – if there’s a maxi dress, there’s also the mini dress. This type of dress is ideal for nighttime parties when dancing, clubbing and bar-hopping are the common activities.

Sexy mini dress

red hot mini dress

Crisp, white dresses – again, these kinds of dresses are perfect for a casual daytime party like a breakfast buffet. The crisp, white fabric looks gorgeous on just about any skin color and is really simple to glam up using just a few accessories. It’s also not that difficult to find shoes that will go great with these dresses.

Nothing’s fresher than a crisp white dress on a lazy day

white summer dresses

High-waisted dresses – these dresses are perfect if you want a chic look for a casual, informal party. High-waisted dresses are a huge trend right now and these are the types of dresses that are perfect if you have a flat tummy and if you want to have the illusion of slightly bigger breasts as the dress cinches just right below the breast area which emphasizes them more.

Cute striped nautical dress

high waisted nautical dress

Cocktail dresses – these dresses are perfect for when you’re to attend formal to semi-formal parties like awards nights, weddings, and the like.

Gorgeous red lace cocktail dress

red lace cocktail dress

Blue tulle cocktail dress — a great dress for prom

blue tulle glitter dress

Bodycon dresses – these dresses are more on the sexy side and most styles tend to show a little skin so it’s important to wear bodycon dresses only on appropriate events like perhaps glamorous parties or parties held at clubs and bars and not to children’s birthday parties. This kind of dress is great if you have an hourglass figure as it will put a lot of emphasis on your body shape by hugging your skin but if you don’t have an hourglass-shaped body, you can always go for bandage bodycon dresses. The geometrical design on such a dress will help make your body look sexier.

Blake Lively in a gray bandage bodycon dress

blake lively bandage dress

Chic bodycon dress

sexy bodycon dress