Pieces that Will Give You the Athletic Look

Sometimes, no matter how girly you are, you’ll just get the feeling of wanting to sport something that’s not too sweet or too feminine. You’ll crave to sport a different style that’s a bit far from your regular style. Often, when your style leans more on the girly side, you’ll want something with a bit of a tomboyish vibe for a change but if you don’t want to go all out on the tomboy style, you can always just add a hint of athletic style to your outfits to make it less saccharine. Check out these pieces that will give you the athletic look without taking away too much of your girly and feminine style.

  • Sneakers – instead of the usual heels, sandals or dressy flats that you wear with your outfits, wear a pair of sneakers instead. It’s perfect if you’re wearing something casual and laidback. It may not give you the total athletic look but it will sure give your look an athletic vibe. Wear trainers if you’re wearing shorts and jeans and wear the more casual type of sneakers, like Keds or Vans, when wearing dresses.

casual athletic outfit cute glitter sneakers

  • Baseball cap – believe it or not, a baseball cap looks good with just about anything and everything, from a t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit to even a little black dress. Wear it with your hair down or slip a ponytail out back, you can also wear it with braids on. If you think a regular baseball cap is too athletic, you can always DIY it and add some embellishments to make it less boyish.

chic baseball cap outfit

maroon baseball cap with lace and leather outfit

  • Varsity jacket – another piece you can wear to add a bit of an athletic vibe to your outfit is a varsity jacket. You can just put together whatever outfit you like and throw it on top to get that athletic look going. You can also take it off when you want to get back to looking all out girly and feminine. Though there are lots of varsity jackets that you can buy out there, I personally like having mine personalized so it looks like a legit varsity jacket from the university.

preppy varsirty jacket outfit black and white varsity jacket

  • Sports jersey shirt – I like wearing sports jersey shirts because they’re super lightweight and they’re perfect if you just want something easy and casual but it can give you a bit more of an athletic look than you would like just because it’s one of the main items in your outfit but it’s very comfortable so it’s fine. You can always “girl it up” by wearing a skirt or heels with it or you can also choose to buy a sports jersey shirt that’s a few sizes bigger than your normal size and wear it as a dress. Make sure you wear something underneath, though, as sports jersey shirt material can sometimes be really lightweight so it can easily be blown by the wind.

red v neck jersey numbered jersey dress

  • Hoodie – a hoodie is perfect if you just want something nice and casual to keep you warm on a cold day or night. You can put together whatever kind of outfit you want and just throw it on top when the temps start to drop.

hoodie and heels girly hoodie outfit