Step up with Platform Heels

Platform high heel shoes are shoes with thick soles often made of cork, plastic, rubber or wood. What differentiates platform high heel shoes from other high heel shoes is that they have both thick soles and high heels.

Platform heels are therefore considered more comfortable than the traditional high heel shoes. Platform heel shoes are of advantage for women who are shorter but want to look taller.

black platform heels

While high heel stilettos are currently a rage in mainstream fashion, platform high heel shoes continue to be a favorite of teenagers and young women who like to flaunt their fun loving attitude.

white platform heels

Platform heel shoes are available in a range of trendy designs and colors that especially suit the fun-loving teenagers and girls in their twenties. What outfit you decide to wear with your platform shoes can really make them look great. If you wear pants with your platforms, then I suggest jeans.

floral platforms

All fashion conscious young women in the world will invariably possess a pair of sexy high heel platform shoes. They add points to the glam factor when worn for black-tie events and formal gatherings.

stylish platformsLike all things fashion, its important to have those staple colors like black platform heels, brown or tan platform heels, but those fun colors and funky styles are also a must have. So don’t limit your shoe closet to the basic colors only, be bold enough!

platform heels

Teenagers and women especially go for platform shoes as these are much friendlier and convenient to walk in compared to other high heel shoes.

tan platforms

The only people who should not wear platforms are people who find themselves unable to walk in them – if you have difficulty walking or trouble with your balance, you should stick to flats or at least lower-heeled.

how to wear platformsPlatforms seem to work best for a person who is little on the short side. Platform shoes give some extra height, and that extra height is what makes platforms easy to walk in.

cute platform heels

Skinny leg pants don’t go well with platform shoes. With dresses, platform shoes look good with shorter skirt lengths. Make sure you have a diverse color pattern that fits your personality. Let’s face it. Platform shoes are all about personality.

red platforms

Stand up and walk around to make sure you can do so comfortably. Even the highest platforms are easier to walk in than stiletto heels because your weight is more evenly distributed across the wedge.

dress and platforms