Plus Size Fashion Tips

Long before we had all those TV ad campaigns about beauty coming in all forms, shapes and sizes we knew that plus size women were way hotter than their skin-and-bone counterpart. Being a plus size woman, just like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the downsides to being a plus size woman is that it can be difficult to find clothes and stores that carry plus sized clothing. Styling, on the other hand, comes easy as long as you know and have the pieces that will flatter your body. Take a look at our plus size fashion tips here below:

  • Dress up for your body type – no, ‘plus size’ is not your body type. You have to figure out whether you’re a plus size pear, inverted triangle, hour glass or whatnot. Knowing what your body size is will make choosing clothes a whole lot easier for you. If you’re a plus sized hourglass, you’ll want to find clothes that will feature your curves. If you’re a plus size pear shape, steer clear of separates. Research on what type of body you have and discover what styles of clothes work best for you.

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  • Try pulling off a monochromatic outfit – a monochromatic outfit can give you a slimming effect if done right. if you’re a plus sized woman, a monochromatic outfit can be really beneficial. Try putting together a monochromatic color in darker colors to maximize the slimming effect that this style gives. The best way to go, of course, is to go with an all-black ensemble. It’s easy to wear, it’s very versatile and it’s such a classic look.

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  • Wear heels – aside from creating the illusion of a slimmer bod, you should also aim for creating height. Wear things that make you look taller like high heeled shoes. When you look taller, the eye automatically perceives you to be slimmer, too. Nude heels are your best bet if you want to make the most out of the elongating effect you get from wearing heels. Be careful when choosing nude heels, though, and try to get a pair that’s closest to your skin color. Pointy toes on heels are also a great way to maximize the elongating effect of high heeled shoes.

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  • Don’t wear anything too tight or too baggy – clothes that fit too tight will hug your skin revealing all the things you’re trying to conceal. Clothes that are too baggy, on the other hand, will just make you look even bigger. So, when picking and fitting clothes, go for those that fit just right. When we say fit, we mean the way the clothes drape on you and hug you in all the right places. Don’t worry about pants and sleeves that are too long, if it fits well on your body, get it. Have the issue with the pants’ height or the sleeve length fixed later by a tailor.

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  • Keep accessories on the down low – accessories make any piece of clothing item look better but if you’re trying to downplay a part on your body, try to keep the accessories on that part to a minimum. If you have a large chest, don’t go for big and bold pieces that will fall on that area because it will only be emphasized more and will also appear bigger. Instead, accessorize on parts that you consider your asset. That way, the focus will go from your flaws to your assets.

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